Reply to Valerie on the fear of being alone #loneliness

Reply to Valerie on the fear of being alone #loneliness

A man is not a savior. Yes men are extraordinary but this is so unfair to put the responsibility of our happiness on their handsome shoulders.

One day you will meet someone Valerie I wish that for you, but you will always have challenges to overcome.

What is the absolute miracle of love? To be able to be close to another human being, not having to pretend to be someone else, not being afraid of saying the truth.

Valerie, a relationship is not an exchange. The fear of loneliness sometimes stems from the feeling that something is currently missing in our life and that only a relationship could fill that void.

According to my humble opinion, love does not mean getting something from the other person. To love does not equal giving by sacrificing oneself either of course.

What if loving someone else and wanting him or her to be happy went to the point of leaving the relationship if precisely it does not make the other person happy anymore?

Furthermore, fear of loneliness often masks fear of pain. Making peace with the possibility of suffering allows us to move forward in life, with so much more enthusiasm.

Indeed, to love is to take a risk. To consider the possibility of pain without cringing can free us from a heavy weight. My friend my sister, it also means that you will be strong enough to walk out of a relationship if the person does not share your values, even if you still love him or her.

Lastly, everything is possible dear Valerie. Identify first what you truly want. Then embody such a thing. You want a person worth of trust? Be trustworthy yourself. You want to meet a man who takes care of himself? Take good care of yourself.

Love is a matter of vibration. What you want more than anything is the dream of a great man, who will be the happiest man in the world once he meets you.

Shall we prove our love or not?

Shall we prove our love or not?

I was stunned by something a French man named Franck Lopvet said: “Do not prove your love, it is going to waste it“. Such an idea is so freeing. Love is felt, not proven. What do you think my friend my sister?



How do I feel with this person? #intuition

How do I feel with this person? #intuition

How to learn to connect to our intuition to identify whether we are in a healthy relationship? This is a learning path of course, but everything is possible, even if in the past or still now you are terrified of being alone or believe in a low self-worth.

Do you feel at ease or are you on your guards? Are you becoming the best version of yourself every day or do you tell yourself that you are lucky that such an extraordinary person is with you?

Does this person energizes you my friend my sister? Or are you scared of expressing yourself? Does this person makes you feel light and comfortable? Or are you worried about making a mistake and loosing the love?

This is a matter of intuition and connection to our core feelings.



Money and love or the most sensitive topic #relationships

Money and love or the most sensitive topic #relationships

I have so many questions and no definitive replies on the topic of love and money. However one thing is for sure: if in another life I am reincarnated as a man, I want to marry my present self 馃槈



Having #imperfections and being able to #sayno without always questioning ourselves

Having #imperfections and being able to #sayno without always questioning ourselves

Manipulators love to make us believe there is something wrong with us, especially if we dare to say no. Well, if you are in a healthy relationship, one way of knowing it is being able to say no without getting accused of being a bad person.

We all have imperfections. It does not mean that there is something wrong with us.



Knowing what we want in life #willpower and #choice

Knowing what we want in life #willpower and #choice

Do I want the real thing? If so, then I choose to save myself for it.

For instance, I have this female friend in Paris who is single. She recently told me she found a guy who is very nice but she has no hope of a future with him whatsoever because he is already taken. Basically she is his mistress.

No judgement of course, this is not my point here. What I imagine is: if tomorrow she meets a great guy, she will not be technically single. She will not have the space to welcome someone good and healthy.

However, if she chooses to remain single until she finds someone who meets her standards, then she can be truly available.

It makes me think of a great video by Alexi Panos in which she explains she made a list of three essential qualities she wanted in a significant other.

She did not lower her standards in order to avoid loneliness. She waited until she found a guy who had these three non negotiable qualities. He is now her husband (Preston Smiles).

I love simplicity. Either we are with someone or not. Either we make a great space in our life to welcome a worthy man or we fall for instant gratification.

Everything is a matter of choice and consequences.

How to know if someone is #trustworthy and being #vulnerable in relationships

How to know if someone is #trustworthy and being #vulnerable in relationships

I love the word trustworthy and the quality it stands for. It is so easy to spot in someone else.

Have we confided something in a person in a moment of vulnerability? After all, we cannot be on the defense mode all the time. Sometimes we let the guard down and this is a beautiful thing my friend my sister.

How did the other react? Has the person kept our weakness like a treasure and a token of trust or has she used it against us in an argument for instance?

Then it is our responsibility to act with discernment. Yes it is possible to leave someone we still love if the person is not trustworthy. It is a sign of maturity and self-protection. I am not in a position to give lessons here, because I made that mistake in the past. However, it is less painful to be responsible. And believe me my friend my sister, there are so many people who are worthy of our trust out there.