Which is the most beautiful sorrow ever? #love

Which is the most beautiful sorrow ever? #love

One man said that heartbreak is the most beautiful sorrow ever. Because it means the heart has loved.

It is incredible how such an easy shift in perspective changes the whole game. I feel as if there is nothing to worry about anymore as regard to love. Even it is ends (and does it really? usually it only changes form and appearance), it still is a beautiful thing because it is the proof we have experience the most magical emotion a human being can experience: love.

The French man who expressed this amazing idea is named Franck Lopvet. He has a youtube channel as well.

Why are the friends of our man so important? #healthyrelationships

Why are the friends of our man so important? #healthyrelationships

I made the mistake before. I did not realize that the friends we choose mean so much about ourselves too.

I decided to ignore the red flag when the few men around the perpetrator felt dangerous.

My friend my sister, we are not here to judge others. We are responsible for the choices we make. Having discernment when it comes to the friends of a man is a sure way to enjoy a healthy happy relationship.

Why so prudent? Betrayal and rebuilding our life sister

Why so prudent? Betrayal and rebuilding our life sister

You may find yourself be so cautious after you left an abusive relationship. Such extra-care about who we come in contact with may be useful. However, my friend my sister, my wish for us all is to let our walls down. So good people can enter.




To be single or not? #healthy #relationships

To be single or not? #healthy #relationships

I have been single for 8 years now. Being alone means I can discover who I am. I experience freedom. I practice self-care. My goal is to help you not feel lonely if you are single as well.

However, staying single is not the goal. It is only a transition period. I am saving myself for someone healthy.



Update on my #lovelife (or its absence)

Update on my #lovelife (or its absence)

I received an email from a man with whom I had a short but very nice relationship. Indeed, he was the first normal man, non abusive, with whom I started to build a story.

His email was actually a reply to one I sent him. I was asking him for forgiveness because I left the relationship after a few months in an abrupt manner. I am aware that it was shocking to him and I deeply regret what I did.

He wrote that he experienced lots of sadness, but also anger. By reading The Knot in the Spiral, he discovered a past that he did not know about. I did not unveil my past to him because it does not define who I am. It was still the early stages of the relationship so I would have talked to him about what happened later. So his anger came from discovering that someone had hurt me so much in the past. He wrote to me that it was difficult for him to accept that.

This is so weird. When I read his email, I felt I could see myself from the eyes of another person. I felt so much compassion for the woman I was, always trying to please others to the point of neglecting her own basic needs (like sleep).

My friend, my sister, if you are alone like I am, I feel you and I understand you. I have been single for 8 years. However, my deep intuition is that I am entering a new time period, in which I will be able to build a relationship with a great man. For this to happen, I need first to convince myself that I deserve it.

Why it is worth observing how he behaves (with things, animals…) #discernment

Why it is worth observing how he behaves (with things, animals...) #discernment

He was treated me like a princess and seemed so charming. However something felt off when he shared he threw his phone on the floor because of his employees.

No judgement but responsibility and discernment. If I like calm and peaceful men, it belongs to me to identify the authenticity of someone behind the veil of seduction.

It is my responsibility to observe how he treats the waiter at a cafe, or animals and children. So we can really relate on a deep level, or not.

To know oneself by being single or in a relationship? #positivecouple

To know oneself by being single or in a relationship? #positivecouple

It feels empowering to find good things in being single!

I have not been in a romantic relationship for many years.

I am now happy about it because it really help in getting to know myself.

However, I read an interesting post on Instagram recently by Teal Swan: @tealspiritualcatalyst. It was about the importance of relationships and how they are a central part of our life.

I wonder if I shall meet someone one day. I also wonder if being in a romantic relationship was also a very nice way to discover more about ourselves.

In both situations, gaining knowledge by observing how our self behaves in life is so valuable. It is a way of becoming who we can be. The best version.

Teal Swan is the author of the book The Completion Process: The Practice of Putting Yourself Back Together Again