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My friend, my sister, you can submit below an idea or a question, in order for me to record a video or write a post. Thank you.

I respect your privacy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. No personal data will ever be shared with a person or organization, as per the Privacy Policy available here.

Of course the message that you are wiring in the contact form below will never be displayed on the website nor anywhere else publicly. It will be sent directly into my inbox.

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If you really want to become a member of the community and get special messages and offers directly from me to you, you receive a Ray of Sunshine one a week my friend my sister.

This email list is not for you if you do not resonate fully with my five core values of love, patience, joy, gratitude and authenticity.

This email list is only for women who believe in respect and sisterhood over competition and women empowerment as a way to make the world a better place.

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If you are a man who stumbled upon this website clearly dedicated to women

I thank you in advance to be classy and a true gentleman, i.e. not contacting me to get to know each other/be your girlfriend/become your wife. Please use dating websites for that purpose. Thank you for your intelligence and respect. A hero protects but never forces. Thank you for belonging to the divine masculine we all love and admire my friend my brother!

If you are hand-making objects and want me to review your product in a video

Please refer to the media kit. I offer gracious and selective reviews to women I know. Thank you for your understanding and I am sending you lots of positive vibes for your activity my friend my sister!

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