How was June 2019 or #myownmonth leave and left

How was June 2019 or #myownmonth leave and left

In June 2019, I left a country I was in love with for such a long time, Tunisia, Africa. I explained the details of my choice in the video “How was March 2019 or #myownmonth“.

In June 2019, I was left by a man I was in love with for such a long time, and the shock was tremendously painful.

The photo of the month is a puppy dog we named Piment (Hot Pepper in French). He took refuge in front of my door in Tunisia.


How was June 2019 or #myownmonth leave and left


How was June 2019 or #myownmonth leave and left

I didn’t realized immediately but he had a piece of string around his neck, which was slowly chocking him to death. His neck was as big as his head.

Thanks to my daughter and my neighbor, we saved his life (maybe you saw it on my IG stories @clairesamuelenglish). He stayed in my garden for a night. He was covered by insects.

The following day, I could see so much gratitude and joy into his eyes. It was a big contrast because he seemed so scared the day before.

For a weird reason, the eyes of this puppy stayed in me and gave me strength to overcome that month of June.

Piment was gifted to shepherds who take care of sheep among the olive trees fields in my neighborhood. He will have a good life.

The question of the month asked by Justine from the French Blog d’une partageuse is:

Which fear do I decide to overcome?

Sincerely, even killing a scorpion myself does not scare me anymore so I would say that my biggest fear is to be happy at last. Yes, at some point, it is time to stop all these complicated and painful things.

I want to overcome my fear to have an easy life. I don’t need to suffer to be worthy of living nor to expiate faults I am not guilty of. I want to make the most of life, build my future with a man and be able to be of service to others by living fully.

It makes me think of the message in the books of Marianne Williamson, which affirms that we are not afraid of our shadow but of our light and its power.

How was January 2019? #myownmonth

How was January 2019? #myownmonth


In January, I was so relieved to make money at last, by teaching French on Preply after months of earning a few dollars through Amazon commissions.


My love life is technically non-existent, but my heart is filled with joy when I think of my friends and children.


I am so proud of my children. Children of single mothers, I know you face so many challenges and you sometimes grow up more quickly. Blessings to you.

The question of the month is:

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to live from what I create on the internet, on the youtube channel Claire Samuel in English, my instagram account @clairesamuelenglish and my first book The Knot in the Spiral.

The photo of the month

It is a baby aloe vera gifted by my neighbor. It is the symbol of the importance of relationships into our life. We are interdependent. We need each other.

How was January 2019? #myownmonth

Details of the challenge #myownmonth (in French) are here.



Reflecting on the year 2018 and intentions for 2019 #myownmonth

Reflecting on the year 2018 and intentions for 2019 #myownmonth

What did 2018 mean for you my friend my sister? Justine from the French Blog d’une partageuse launched a funny little challenge: reflecting on the past year then month. Let’s do it! Thank you Justine, I am game!

As regard to love

I have been single for 8 years now. I heard that Jannecke Øinæs from Wisdom from North who I adore has also been alone for the same amount of time and it brought me comfort.

I do not feel isolated however. I am aware that this special time is a transition which will birth a fantastic loving and fun relationship.

My heart was very alive in 2018. I left my friends in Paris to move to Africa. I am so thankful to have met an amazing and helpful neighbor here in Africa. I consider him as a second father. He is supportive and protective.

As regard to health

I felt a tremendous improvement by moving to Africa. The sun has magical properties. It makes me feel alive and vibrant. I could not stand the cold of Paris anymore nor the damaging air pollution.

As regard to work

I dedicated 2018 to my youtube channel Claire Samuel in English and my website I uploaded daily videos and wrote daily articles. It was a lot of work but. However it was very rewarding to connect to some women, who were kind enough to send me beautiful comments.

I am not ashamed of starting small. My English audience is less than the French one. Nevertheless, it is my duty to make my message available to more women by translating everything into English.

The end of 2018 marks the beginning of my French classes on Preply. I am a very happy tutor. One lady whose 6-year-old daughter takes classes with me said that she loved my teaching style and wanted to continue the weekly lessons for at least 2 years! They are in the States. I have nice students, children and adults, men and women, from all over the world. This is so enjoyable. It opens my mind even more. We are definitely one family. I can really feel that.

As regard to hobbies

I practice yoga daily. It is part of my morning routine with meditation.

The photo of the past 2018 year

It brings a memory of a quad trip I booked to please the kids. They loved it while I enjoyed the beautiful countryside scenery. I was stopping my quad so often to take photos!

Reflecting on the year 2018 and intentions for 2019 #myownmonth

I am grateful for my two children to have been able to understand the reasons we moved to Tunisia (to make it short the goal was improving our quality of life). I am aware of the sadness my son experienced when he had to say goodbye to his friends in Paris. I hope he is happy. I can see he is delighted that we rescued a puppy. It is the first time we ever have a dog! The puppy was beaten. He followed my son on a trail. He was only 2 months old, but is a very happy dog now.

Justine asked us a question about the past year:

What are you grateful for?

I am immensely grateful for the independence that working for myself online brings. The Internet changed my life.

I am so proud and over the moon to be the mother of two extraordinary children, my “children of the light”. Moreover, I am writing my second book so I am so grateful for this never-ending inspiration which fires me up every day.

I feel so happy that I have so much enthusiasm when I record live streams and videos on youtube and instagram @clairesamuelenglish.

What about 2019?

Well, 2019 is the year I can finally see the seeds I planted bloom in a meaningful way. The work I love to do brings me so much abundance I deserve that I am able to reach even more women around the world.

I see myself keeping my morning routine and my very healthy way of living. I see myself be the mother I want to be: patient, fun, loving and compassionate.

Advice for mothers when our #children feel bored

Advice for mothers when our #children feel bored

After one of my (French) Thursdays live streams on youtube and instagram (@clairesamuelenglish) in which I shared my anxiety as my son was getting bored while I made all these efforts to offer him the best life possible, some mothers sent me kind messages to comfort me.

Sophie wrote: “I really liked your live, practicing self-care while doing our best for our children… not an easy task and sometimes it makes us feel guilty, I too have a son who gets bored sometimes and I do not feel like playing with him either, so I guess if we assume our choices 100% without neglecting our child of course, then the child adapts, learns to deal with frustration and develops his/her imagination because sometimes boredom has a positive side, we cannot be always busy, let’s make room for dreaming and creativity“.

Sohalia wrote: “Getting bored is normal. He will find something to do and practice imagination. This is a necessary step. Do not feel guilty. And do not overstimulate him. Quite the opposite. They all have phases like that, sometimes short and sometimes longer.”

Then, the following day she wrote: “How are you feeling today? Do not take it too much to heart. If you do everything you can, it means the ball is in his field now. Be present for him by asking him to find something to do or to help you if he is too bored. He will find very soon.”

Christine wrote: “Hi Claire, I can so relate to you!!! Seeing our child get bored is very uncomfortable. I am a mother of three, they now are 19, 16 and 10 years old. I am not a playing mummy either and I used to feel very guilty, especially when my eldest was small. I felt it was a never-ending task: I was giving and it was never enough. With experience, I realized that children too need these time periods when they feel bored, to build their personalities, to develop their imagination, or brothers and sisters relationships. As adults, we also experience such moments. One tip I have for you is to invite him to help you to carry out a task/chores, sometimes they are happy or all of a sudden they magically do not feel bored anymore. I wish you a fantastic day. Christine

Nathalie wrote: “Whenever I see my children like that and when I did everything I could at the moment I did it, then I say to myself: “Trust him/her, he/she has everything in him/her. Allow him/her some time. Be patient.” After experiencing terrible conflicts with my younger daughter, this is the tip which allowed me to go through the storm. However, it does not suppress sadness nor despair, but we all know that nothing is permanent. Big kisses from another mum.”

What are my 3 beauty #products that I use mornings and evenings?

What are my 3 beauty #products that I use mornings and evenings?

I was asked by a kind person on instagram (@clairesamuelenglish) which were the products I was using on my skin in the morning and in the evening.

The list is very simple, minimalistic even:

1. I cleanse my face with olive oil (a good make-up remover by the way)

2. I rinse the skin with apple cider vinegar

3. I use a day cream (even at night) from the organic brand Weleda

This is all and this is perfect! This simple beauty ritual makes my skin glow and leaves me with plenty of time to create beautiful things.