Attracting #abundance thanks to #perseverance and life #purpose

Attracting #abundance thanks to #perseverance and life #purpose

I started doing youtube videos 3 years ago and teaching French online lessons almost 1 year ago.

I am starting to receive abundance from my work, which is more a life purpose.

I did a 180 turn in my professional career to follow my mission, which is to help women.

I thank the Universe to show me that I can take care of my family thanks to it very soon.

Thank you Lena and Said from the healthy restaurant Naturabsolu for reminding me I should talk more about the creation of Claire Samuel in English and you are free to support the channel over there my friend my sister.

What do I do with my old #veggies? #cultured #vegetables !

What do I do with my old #veggies? #cultured #vegetables !

Next time I won’t do the mistake of waiting until my precious organic broccoli has turned yellow before getting the idea to turn them into cultured vegetables.

Making fermented veggies is so easy: just add a tablespoon of sea salt in a jar with your favorite vegetable cut into little pieces and make sure you add water to cover it entirely. Let it sit on the kitchen counter for a day or two so you get free probiotics!

What do I do with my old #veggies? #cultured #vegetables !

What do I do with my old #veggies? #cultured #vegetables !


Eating dates can change the world? the #impact of our choices even the smallest

Eating dates can change the world? the #impact of our choices even the smallest

There is humility in saying that at the end of the day, eating dates or any other kind of living food is not going to change the world (see if you understand French “Le crudivorisme va sauver l’humanitĂ©… (“je vous demande pardon”) –“).

However, there is also so much to say about food choices. Consuming honey today has an impact on the survival of bees.

Maybe there is always an impact anyway. I believe everything I do has consequences. It includes the food I eat, the farmers I choose to support, the stores I go to and so on.

For more about how to consume and live our life in a respectful way towards others and the planet, see the great book Clean Money and its review here “Review of the #book #CleanMoney by Joel Solomon or #money as a force for good“.

How to use red #cabbage and #sunflowerseeds ? savory #recipe

How to use red #cabbage and #sunflowerseeds ? savory #recipe

Let’s soak a nice bowl of sunflower seeds in water with a bit of sea salt in it for one night.

The following day, we can mix the seeds with a bit of water, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, fresh ginger root, turmeric and red cabbage for its high minerals content and its pretty color!

This delicious mix can become a dip for vegetables sticks or a great salad dressing if you have lots of green leaves 🙂

How to use red #cabbage and #sunflowerseeds ? savory #recipe

How to use red #cabbage and #sunflowerseeds ? savory #recipe

How to use red #cabbage and #sunflowerseeds ? savory #recipe


All my past in a dream or a nightmare or #expressing emotions to turn the page

24 novembre Toute th

I feel my life as a child was a bubble of loneliness. Then I have been abandoned by some men I really deeply loved. As if the people I care about the most were always far, impossible to touch, living behind glass doors, leaving me all alone in a gigantic room.

That feeling is not something I wish to keep inside. Therefore I am choosing to express it to let it go.

I choose to put it out so I can turn the page and live a happy life.

You deserve to let the past go my friend my sister because there are beautiful things waiting for you on the other side of expressing yourself!

Never sitting again! good #posture and #back care when working

23 novembre Plus jamais assise th

Our lymph needs to move in our body so we can get rid of toxins and stay happy and healthy.

The opposite happens when we are sitting for hours at a desk.

At some point in my life, I was working 14 hours a day on average, glued to my chair.

Never again. I am glad I changed everything in my career.

Markus did an amazing video about the dangers of sitting all day: “STANDING vs SITTING: Sitting is the New Smoking!“.

To overcome also means to face it #romantic #relationships

To overcome also means to face it #romantic #relationships

Because the only way to overcome is to face it.

Because love is sometimes so complicated even though I love simplicity.

Because these men who abandoned me loved me nevertheless. I am only speaking about love here of course, not about the two abusive relationships I was trapped into as described in my book The Knot in the Spiral.

Because this is so much easier to be single rather than risking loving a man who could leave me.

Because when he said he loved me I laughed inside, not believing him. However it may have been the truth, even if he was incapable of making a space for me into his life.

Because if he left me because his father judged me not good enough for his son with my two children, he maybe tried to take my side.

Because the only way to overcome my fear is to experience a new relationship with all its uncertainty, even if I am moved to my core, even if realizing all of this makes me have bulimia again.

Because complexity is inherent to human relationships and maybe this is precisely what gives them this magical taste, this one in a million chance, this feeling of eternity married to the ephemeral nature of everything which is alive.

Neither a #raw #soup not a #salad #dressing but so good!

Neither a #raw #soup not a #salad #dressing but so good!

I mix in the blender some red cabbage, bell peppers, fennel, pumpkin, a little bit of lemon, ginger, turmeric, sea salt and coconut oil.

I add enough water to get neither a salad dressing nor a soup, but a delicious mix which is going to nicely cover a big bowl of greens.

The toppings are finely cut broccoli tops, sunflower seeds after they have been soaked for a night in salted water, red lentils activated in the same way and fresh seaweed with cultured turnips.

Enjoy and take care my friend my sister!

21 novembre soupe th 1

Neither a #raw #soup not a #salad #dressing but so good!


My 3 tips for you #entrepreneur in #accounting #banking #invoicing

20 novembre entrepreneuse th

I chose Dougs as my online accountant and they also helped me to set up my company in France.

My professional online bank is Qonto while my invoicing software is Henrii (useful if you do business in France).

#Natural #collagen in a #smoothie with Sharon’s fruits and cilantro

#Natural #collagen in a #smoothie with Sharon's fruits and cilantro

Forget botox! Markus Rothkranz came up with a natural alternative, the collagen kit.

I am delighted to present today my own version of taking care of my skin with natural collagen. In this smoothie I mix bananas, Sharon’s fruits, fresh ginger root, cilantro, sea moss and vitamin C powder from Markus store. So goooood!!!

To learn more, watch the video How to Fill Out The Face Naturally.

#Natural #collagen in a #smoothie with Sharon's fruits and cilantro

18 novembre collagĂšne th 3