Of the monkey mind or #gratitude as an alternative

Of the monkey mind or #gratitude as an alternative

Sometimes I feel shame because I did superhuman efforts to get a lawyer diploma and here I am, renting a studio flat designed for one person in which I will live with my two children.

However each experience taught me something and made me evolve. Yes I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night but it is to write down ideas for upcoming videos. I no longer go back home from work in the middle of the night, never seeing my children.

Moreover, my heart swells with so much gratitude towards the people I love with magical intensity. This is what helps me to slow down the monkey mind, the one which believe worrying is useful.

To learn to question your thoughts I recommend the work of Byron Katie my friend my sister notably with her books A mind at home with itself and the classic Loving what is.

Listen to your #body and its messages

Listen to your #body and its messages

I am learning so much about hormones in the body, thanks to a French man named Thierry Casasnovas.

I realize that I did not listen to my body in the past. It is not a detail. It lead me directly into an abusive relationship.

Self-love is not something small. It can change the whole orientation of our life my friend my sister.


Do you feel guilty to be #depressed or it happens to all of us

Do you feel guilty to be #depressed or it happens to all of us

If I talk to you about Gabrielle Bernstein, you may picture in your head this amazing, gorgeous and brilliant woman, who is successful and recently has been blessed with a baby.

However, she also experiences bits of depression. Recently on her Instagram account, she shared how she is handling postpartum depression.

I was so touched by her authenticity. This woman who wanted a baby so much for years also experiences depression. Yes she is so beautiful, wealthy and married to an amazing man, she is a great spiritual teacher, yet she also feels blue sometimes.

May we never feel guilty if it happens to us.

Not a drop of alcohol #motivation to honor your choices

Not a drop of alcohol #motivation to honor your choices

Maybe you have been alcoholic in the past, maybe you want to avoid sugar altogether, maybe you do not like the taste of it or how it modifies people’s behavior, whatever the reason, it is possible to live without drinking a single drop of alcohol.

When people tease you about such a choice, use humor to deflate the situation.

If you do drink like my friends and family do, do not feel guilty. I only wish to offer a new perspective to some women who may need it.

Blessings to you my friend my sister.



Gratitude for the little things that make our life easier and help us to get started

Gratitude for the little things that make our life easier and help us to get started

We are so privileged in the West. I am not telling it to you to make you feel guilty but to propel you forward towards your dreams.

Yes it can be scary to deal with uncertainty but we have so much we can count on. Let’s make the most of it my friend my sister.



Today is the #bigday

Today is the #bigday

As you are reading these words my friend my sister, you are breathing and living your big day. The past will never exist again while the future is not certain. The present is all we have.

So let’s enjoy it to the fullest, let’s taste each minute for all its worth, let’s never take this amazing gorgeous opportunity that is life for granted. We are lucky to experience this intensity, this surprising story of ours. It can be messy, it can be incredible, but it is always a gift.

There is am amazing read by Eckhart Tolle on the topic of the present moment: