The most important thing is to do nothing #introspection

09 octobre The th

Today I feel weak, sad and blue. Moreover, I have my periods so in honor of this magical time, I decide to rest.

It makes me think of the last time I went to Africa. I stayed a a friend’s house for 3 days. She did not have DSL so I did an internet detox.

In the morning, I was still waking up early but thinking: Now is the time to do nothing.

It is a feeling I never experienced in my life, always working and taking care of my children, never enjoying the mere fact of existing.

I set up my whole schedule so I could do outings with my kids to the beach, the forest or the river. They don’t feel like going with me because all they are interested in is the screen.

I am not going to cry about this anymore. Maybe I am a total failure as a mother. I have never been good at that single mother thing. So I give up. I did everything I could. I will go to the beach, forest and river by myself.

And I am happy the sun is shining. I am grateful I can dance. I am grieving the life I thought I was going to have, in love with a man, happy with my children. I have my own happiness. We’ll see what comes out of that.

#Book #review The night of fire La nuit de feu by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

#Book #review The night of fire La nuit de feu by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Today we move a bit out of personal development because we are developed enough as French clairvoyant Franck Lopvet would say 😉

La nuit de feu has been written by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, author of the book “Monsieur Ibrahim And The Flowers of the Qu’ran“.

Although the book La nuit de feu is not yet translated into English, I am happy to give you the 10 gems of that book for our own life my friend my sister.

1. Whose path are we on?

The author of The night of fire is wondering in the book if the life path he chose is really his.

I met so many people who chose their career to please their parents, only to be miserable in their job. Maybe it is time to choose our own path my friend my sister, to take responsibility for our happiness. In the end, all our parents want is for us to be safe and healthy, isn’t it?

2. When studying misleads us

I am a big advocate of going back to college, as I have the experience of doing it myself and becoming a lawyer.

However, I do not consider studying and getting diplomas as a recipe for a happy life. Sometimes being too focused on the brain and rationality brings us far away from our heart and intuition. In the book, the author regrets that studying did not spark his intuition, creativity and imagination.

3. Another look on everyday life

It is too easy to get engrossed into one’s problem and forget to look at the tiny miracles that surround us every day.

There is true magic in little things, in the present moment, here and now my friend my sister.

4. The meaning of things

Nobody deserve trauma and pain. Yet so many of us experienced a traumatic event in our past. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt writes that everything has a meaning, everything is justified.

From now on, I try to look at circumstances with inquiry and curiosity, keeping in mind that even if I don’t understand the meaning of things, it exists.

5. Traveling and open-mindedness

The first travel I did after years of never taking holidays was in Cabo Verde, Africa. It gave me such a boost in my life. Whenever I travel somewhere and discover new things, I feel like I am experiencing a growth spurt.

In the book, the author writes about traveling as letting go, encountering the unknown and loosing our comfort to find ourselves again.

6. Being happy to have known each other

Yes I am terribly sad when I think of this man I loved and lost and who was also such a close friend. But I don’t want to swim in the grief pond forever. I want to have the image of his face next to the true happiness of having been able to know him for a while.

In The night of fire, two men are building a strong friendship during a trip to the Sahara desert. When time comes to say goodbye, without the possibility of seeing each other again, this is all that matters: the happiness to have know each other.

7. Remembering what really matters

When the friends separate in the book, the Saharian guide gives his best advice to his friend: “Never forget the unforgettable”. I want to keep the unforgettable memories like a treasure inside my heart.

8. Keeping a mind open and curious

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt shares that certitudes bring death. There is nothing more dangerous that someone who is sure to have the truth. Humility is key to a life respectful of others. Humility allows growth, curiosity, tolerance, an open mind and a compassionate heart.

9. Sharing is caring

The person who says she has the answers to everything will not be taken seriously. But the man or woman who bravely shares some of his/her experience can change lives. Not because one experience is directly applicable to another person’s life, but because sharing stems from the heart. Our impact on people is impossible to foresee. This is why I admire so much people who share their stories.

10. Moving forward towards the true self

In the book La nuit de feu, the author has a leitmotiv during his quest in the desert: “Somewhere, my true self is waiting for me“. I love this image of a never-ending path towards truth, honesty and self knowledge.

Happy reading my friend my sister!

When a #whitelie turns into a dark cloud

When a #whitelie turns into a dark cloud

The white lie creates a huge emotional distance between the two people concerned.

It is the sign of very low trust.

Even without knowing exactly what the lie was about, I could feel it hovering above one relationship I had.

The white lie was like a brake, preventing me from being totally at-ease, because I could feel something was off.

Furthermore, it made me very sad to realize that the man concerned did not trust me enough to let me know what happened.

When my intuition was confirmed, that white lie had nothing light about it. It was the weight which hindered the possibility of trust.

Because nothing is worse that silence and things not told. They destroy couples and families.

Nobody is perfect so may we dare to say the truth my friend my sister.

Sincerity and simplicity make my life so much easier.

Overcoming the abuse by reconnecting to our #femininity

Overcoming the abuse by reconnecting to our #femininity

In my book The knot in the spiral, I share how I refused to stay a victim by reconnecting to my womanhood. I refused to shut down for the rest of my life. I refused to stay in the pain.

Some people tell me it is impossible to guess what happened to me when they see me. The goal is therefore achieved.

Today I practice pole dance and belly dance with such joy and pleasure.

Because I am single, dancing allows me to express my sensuality. This is freedom from pain.

#Hope with the end of the model of domination, sexism and racism

#Hope with the end of the model of domination, sexism and racism

The society paradigm based on domination is already in the process of slowly dwindling away.

New values are in emergence today like collaboration instead of competition, which also means more respect for women and the planet and more responsibility.

The little racist and sexist comments I heard throughout my professional life are totally has been. The fact that some people are clinging to the past does not mean it still exists.

I have two amazing books to recommend you my friend my sister.

The first one is Clean Money by Joel Solomon and the second (in French) is Patriarcat fin de partie by Chantal Revault D’allonnes.

A new world is being birthed and this gives me so much hope.

How was September 2019 or #myownmonth or priorities and intuition

 How was September 2019 or #myownmonth or priorities and intuition


My company is finally set up! YYYeeesssss! I used the company Dougs to create the company and take care of the accounting.


I am taking good care of my beautiful heart, notably thanks to a book about the intelligence and power of it (in French: Le coeur, ce cerveau oublié (the heart, this forgotten brain).

The photo of the month

It has been taken on a trip to a beautiful small town in the South of France named Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer.

How was September 2019 or #myownmonth or priorities and intuition

The question of the month asked by Justine from the French Blog d’une partageuse is:

What are the craziest project you embark on now?

Honestly, starting the youtube channel Claire Samuel in English a few years ago is already my crazy project and I am still working on it, trying to improve as I go.

Lastly, in September, I decided to make myself a priority for a change and to acknowledge that many times I was right when everybody was telling me otherwise. So I also need to listen to myself 😉 All the best to you my friend my sister, Claire