Why this is so unfair to be a #singlemother (or not)


Why this is so unfair to be a #singlemother (or not)

Sometimes I feel life as a single mother is so unfair. I want to live in an abundance mindset so I try not to say to my daughter that I cannot afford what she wants. However, she asks me so many things!

Moreover I know that children need a lot of attention and I am only a human being. Of course it is fantastic to be able to live within an intentional community when you are a single mother.

Nevertheless, when I hear myself start to complain about being a single mother, I quickly remind my self that some people experienced far more dramatic situations but came out of it stronger. I think of Teal Swan and everything she had to go through. When I see her now, so inspiring and vibrant, I am left with one thing ony: gratitude for being alive.


What is the most classical #greensmoothie ever ? (it’s also absolutely yummy!)

What is the most classical #greensmoothie ever ? (it's also absolutely yummy!)

I love to associate food with pleasure and nourishment, not diet or restriction.

I received so much help and support thanks to Geneen Roth’ books. One message was to avoid diets at all cost.

Today I made a classical green smoothie with bananas, spinach and dates. My tip is to rotate the greens though. You can use cilantro, parsley, basil, lettuce, dandelion leaves.

What is the most classical #greensmoothie ever ? (it's also absolutely yummy!)

What is the most classical #greensmoothie ever ? (it's also absolutely yummy!)

Today I felt a wave of pure #joy (divine feminine)

Today I felt a wave of pure #joy

At the moment, I am reconnecting to what it means to be a woman. I almost wrote a Goddess. I really enjoy reading the book Wild Power by Alexandra Pope. I feel so much more at ease in my feminine skin. I love the idea to schedule my days in sync with my moon. I love the idea of having a time period when the most important thing is to allow. So revolutionary for me. I do not want to be a workaholic anymore. I want to feel the joy and sweetness of life. It’s about time. I wish you love, joy and grace my friend my sister.

How to make a good #beetroot #juice ?

How to make a good #beetroot #juice ?

I am not a big fan of beetroot but beetroot is so beneficial for our health, especially as women because it strengthens the blood and cleans the liver.

I made an amazing juice out of 2 cucumbers, beetroot and a little bit of fennel tops. So good!

Of course I use a mylk bag for simplicity instead of a juicer.

Do what is most difficult first #organiselife

Do what is most difficult first #organiselife

Every morning, I ride my bike to go to the farmers’ market, to go grocery shopping at the supermarket, to pay my bills, to run errands.

I make a point of doing what is most difficult first. Such a productivity secret helps me to do what I love the most afterwards.

I do not eat before my important tasks are completed.

I usually record youtube videos before noon.

After my big meal at noon, I am free to write on my blog. The afternoon is dedicated to the children.

I highly recommend these two great videos. The first one is “The Morning Routine For Success | Marisa Peer” and the second one: “Earn Your Food- Nothing Till 4“.


What is #livingfood and my great tip before starting

What is #livingfood and my great tip before starting

Yesterday in my women circle The Spirals, one topic came naturally: living food. Living food encompasses fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, seaweed, fermented veggies, green juices and smoothies.

I have a playlist called Magical food and another one to inspire you called Recipes (over 60 of them).

I invite you to check Markus Rothkranz channel for lots of resources and Kate Magic great books about raw vegan lifestyle:

Raw Magic: Superfoods for Superpeople

Eat Smart Eat Raw

Raw Living

Raw Magic: Recipes for the Revolution

My friend my sister, our colon is like a second brain. The issue is it gets overwhelmed by toxicity with stress, chemicals, constipation and so on.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to think about doing enemas and colonics beforehand.



A #miracle happened

A #miracle happened

More than 5 years ago now, I read the amazing book May Cause Miracles now by Gabrielle Bernstein. I loved it so much that it was my duty to gift it to someone I love so that the good vibes can flow into another life.

A miracle happened in my life. I thought I was in danger and stuck. However, my generous neighbor helped me to make my landlord travel from another country to Tunisia and sign a power of attorney in favor of his cousin, to whom I had been paying the rent since I arrived in the house. Moreover I now pay my rent by check, instead of cash. The solution appeared in my life, easily and effortlessly.

May your life be blessed with as many miracles as possible my friend my sister.