Magnificent #lettuce salad with #celeri mint avocado scrumptious dressing

Magnificent #lettuce salad with #celeri mint avocado scrumptious dressing - Claire Samuel

For this salad, simply mix together:

  • shredded lettuce,
  • mint leaves, and
  • diced mushrooms.

For the amazing dressing, add to your blender:

  • celery,
  • ginger,
  • mint leaves,
  • one date,
  • one avocado (keep a bit for the salad to dice it in it),
  • sea salt,
  • apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice), and
  • coconut yoghurt (or water).

Enjoy !

Age does not matter anymore – welcome to the new world

Age does not matter anymore - welcome to the new world - Claire Samuel

Let go of age. Whatever our age, it doesn’t matter anymore. I learn from my children every day. I improved my life thanks to boys and girls of twenty-three years old when I was thirty-five. Today, the world belongs to flexible and open-minded people. I learn so much listening to young entrepreneurs, while admiring the wisdom of senior citizens. The era of separating people according to their age is over. It made place for a hunger to learn and equality, both between sexes and ages.

Some #flowers do not die in winter – stay #alive

Some flowers do not die in winter - Claire Samuel

Most flowers are already dead in the crisp cold. The park is empty. The children are staying inside to play. Yet, some flowers are not dead. Some decided to hung onto life, maybe to shine even brighter. May we stay alive, my friend, my sister, no matter what happened in our past. Every breath of the crisp air is a gift. May we inhale deeply. May we stay alive. Even in the crisp cold. Blessings.

#meditation series: 8-day experiment – episode 8

#meditation series: 8-day experiment - episode 8 - Claire Samuel

For our last day, I end on a positive note, feeling so empowered after eight days of daily meditation. I went deeper today with the French language meditation by psychiatrist Christophe André. Take care of yourself and add some meditation to your daily routine. As always, the secret is consistency my friend, my sister.

Recipe for an intense and nutritious green #smoothie with persimon, pear, #cacao and #spirulina

Recipe for an intense and nutritious green #smoothie with persimon, pear, #cacao and #spirulina - Claire Samuel

The intensity of its dark green color matches the richness and sweetness of its taste. Mix into your blender:

  • a pear with its skin on (full of vitamins),
  • half a persimon or a whole one if it is big,
  • a small banana or half a big banana,
  • a table spoon of coconut yoghurt (I made a tutorial for you to make homemade coconut yoghurt),
  • pure water,
  • a tiny piece of fresh aloe vera (a video to help you use fresh aloe vera here),
  • a nice big table spoon of spirulina (it comes from RawLiving),
  • a magical table spoon of pure raw chocolate (my cacao nibs come from RawLiving), and most of all
  • lots of joy!

Enjoy and see you soon,


Quick autumn salad with fantastic #mint dressing

Quick autumn salad with fantastic #mint dressing - Claire Samuel

For the salad, mix in your favourite bowl:

  • one head of lettuce, shredded,
  • diced pumpkin or any autumn squash,
  • one sliced fennel, and
  • cultured cabbage.

For the dressing, mix into your blender:

  • fresh mint leaves,
  • one avocado (keep a bit to dice in the salad),
  • sea salt,
  • apple cider vinegar, and
  • coconut yoghurt (or water).