What to do for skin breakouts around the #mouth? #ecobeauty

What to do for skin breakouts around the #mouth? #ecobeauty

Sometimes our body needs to get rid of toxins and the skin is unfortunately a way to do that. But no worries my friend my sister!

Skin breakouts can last a few days and personally I do not want to hide them. I never use foundation anyway.

My little remedy is simply to apply a drop of peppermint essential oil, this is so fresh! Tea tree essential oil works wonders too.

Careful as essential oils are really potent. Never use them close to the eyes and apply a bit of face cream to avoid dry skin. Because we are targeting the mouth area, a bit of lip balm is also great. Here you are! Simple and easy!

When #love slips through our fingers #uncertainty

When #love slips through our fingers #uncertainty

Why do I want to control everything, why am I afraid that the relationship is going to end instead of enjoying it?

One minute I am in a romantic relationship and the next minute everything stops.

What is the alternative? The certainty of manipulation and abuse.

What is the solution? To make the most of life here and now.


To take advantage of life but not people or the consequences of lies beyond moral judgement

To take advantage of life but not people or the consequences of lies beyond moral judgement

I am the first to say to people I love: “Enjoy! Make the most of it!

Make the most out of this delicious meal, this beautiful moment, this success or life as a whole.

Nevertheless, as I explain to my French students, the French verb “profiter” or making the most out of something has another meaning: taking advantage of someone or a situation.

I met a landlord, a very kind and generous man. However, his rents his properties only in the summer, leaving them empty 9 months of the year. Why? To avoid tenants who don’t pay and cannot be evicted.

Some chose to take advantage of the French law which is very protective for tenants. The consequence is the impossibility for many people in France to rent anything.

If this police officer does not believe me when I list the reasons why I need a Protective Order, this is because some people in famous legal cases lied to police officers notably to get revenge from their ex. The consequence? Each day women are murdered by their ex partner.

Beyond morality, beyond any judgement, beyond values, taking advantage of people or of anything brings consequences. Action then consequence.

I choose my own law and set of rules as the philosopher Emmanuel Kant would say. The reason? I want to be crystal clear on the consequences of my actions on myself and others, those I know and those I don’t know.

Responsibility. Plain and simple.

If you also have been cheated on or #intuition and #hope

If you also have been cheated on or #intuition and #hope

I have been cheated on by two men. For the first one, I was naive, 19 years old and I believed him when he said I was really crazy to imagine that. For the second, he was a lying with natural ease, using blame like a sword and abusing people for the sheer pleasure of it. Destroying me so I would slowly die was a goal of him. I left before that but honestly, I did not believe I had been cheated on from the first to the last day. The police officer who revealed this piece of information to me made me get an HIV test because I was so at risk, considering the extent of him cheating with so many people.

Today my mission is to bring hope to women who have been cheated on and who, beyond the pain of it, have risked their own life because of it as I did with mine.

I wrote about it in my book The Knot in the Spiral, I started to rebuild my life by leaving the abusive relationship/trap. The thing is, all these practices which bring more purity into our body and life, have a great secondary effect: they dramatically increase our intuition my friend my sister.

Now I can feel people. I smell them and I feel them! Whenever I feel ill-at-ease, I can use my brain and my rational sense, it will not change it. If I am ill-at-ease, for instance if a man pretends he is with a friendly friend while they sleep together, I feel it immediately. I know I can count on my intuition. I am not worried of being cheated on anymore.

My friend my sister, you can rebuild your life and your intuition so you do not live in the fear of being cheated on and welcome true love instead.

How to #eat #healthy or products without a bar code

Super #fresh #summer #salad recipe for #selfcare

I believe in a healthy lifestyle and optimum nutrition but not in complicated things.

I was introduced to the great app Yuka, which allows you to check the amount of additives, fat and sugar in the products you buy at the supermarket by scanning their bar code.

However I would rather keep it even more simple by buying almost only fresh fruits and vegetables. My raw cacao nibs from Raw Living come with a bar code but in 5 kilo bags to save money.

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store

Keeping things as easy as possible is the best way to stick to healthy habits for a very long time. Forever? I believe it is possible my friend my sister. You certainly deserve it.



From tenderness to #responsibility or #men and #alcohol

From tenderness to #responsibility or #men and #alcohol

The truth is I have so much tenderness and compassion for men who drink to forget their worries or feel less shy.

The truth is I think that the French singer Serge Gainsbourg, with all his addictions (I was myself a big addict), was one of the kindest man on earth.

Nevertheless, I decide today to put aside my softness to be more responsible in the choice of a partner.

Without expecting my man to never drink a drop of alcohol as I do, which is a bit extreme, I feel I would feel better in a relationship with a man who takes care of his health, who does not feel like saturating his blood with sugar, who likes keeping his mind sharp and his strength intact to exercise.

Super #fresh #summer #salad recipe for #selfcare

Super #fresh #summer #salad recipe for #selfcare

Zucchini noodles, diced tomatoes, soft palm tree hearts, diced pepper, fresh onions and sea salt married to a few table spoons of coconut oil.


Super #fresh #summer #salad recipe for #selfcare

09 aout Recette de #salade th 3