#Giving without expecting anything in return or #freedom

#Giving without expecting anything in return or #freedom

To give because it feels so good. To give without even considering something can come back to us from it. To give because we choose it. To give because we are free.



Of the #choice of seeing a glass half full instead of half empty and our capacity to #adapt

Of the #choice of seeing a glass half full instead of half empty and our capacity to #adapt

I can choose to consider what is happening in my life as a blessing rather than an issue to solve. I can also choose to see life as a constant flowing river, my job being to adjust and adapt. Gracefully if possible!



Everything is possible #hope

Everything is possible #hope

My son was born almost ten years ago. His birth shook my life like the most intense earthquake ever. First he was born premature and it was not expected at all. Then, I understood that the abuse I was experiencing was moving towards him as well. So I left everything to save his life.

I was terrified of being alone and I was alone. I was terrified of raising children by myself and here I was. I was terrified of the abuser and now that I left him, I thought he would find me and kill me. The pain mixed the fear turned me into a very strange human being. Everything I was feeling was so raw and vulnerable. I was absolutely terrified.

However what I did not realize at the time was that by choosing to leave, I had abandoned a violent and toxic life path which was leading me slowly but surely to death. I had chosen life instead! I was rebuilding my life! Finding a job, a place to rent and above all finding ways to clean my body from the past.

I became obsessed with purity and still am. I wanted my body to be cleansed from everything that happened. I discovered fasting and green juices. My body became stronger and more beautiful that it ever was, even before the kids.

I could never imagine a life like the one I enjoy now would ever be possible for me. You deserve it my friend my sister. Believe. In yourself. Everything is possible.



How long to breastfeed my baby? six months of exclusive #breastfeeding

How long to breastfeed my baby? six months of exclusive #breastfeeding

To breastfeed baby for six months at least with breast milk only, without pacifiers, as soon as the first hour after birth: these are the official WHO recommendations.

To which I would like to add my friend my sister that if there is an area where women gain so much by supporting each other, it is breastfeeding. Let’s help each other as mothers, to avoid guilt or feeling lonely when experiencing issues. La Leche League is an international organization which can make a big difference for mothers.

To breastfeed is an art, taught from one woman to another.







How not to be blocked by fear? #emotions

How not to be blocked by fear? #emotions

Sometimes we need to analyse our fear. Behind the fear of moving that my son was exhibiting lied the worry of not being able to make new friends in our new place.

Sometimes we need to express the deep emotions to avoid being eaten by anxiety from the inside.

And sometimes we need to walk on the path of life with the fear by our side without trying to get rid of it, as Pema Chodron eloquently explains in her books.

The worst is to stood still because of the fear, having only regrets about what we could have done with our life. Life is short and sweet my friend my sister. Live it to the fullest.

The billionaire #smoothie #nettles

The billionaire #smoothie #nettles

Forget super foods. Enjoy being a billionaire with the best smoothie of the world thanks to nettles, an amazing plant with so many nutrients, all free and wild.

The billionaire #smoothie #nettles

The billionaire #smoothie #nettles




After #sadness comes #anger then #joy

12 avril apres la tristesse th

Do you remember Davina’s songAfter the rain comes the sunshine again…“?

Actually, anger is a more elevated state than sadness. Then joy can enter the picture.

Recently, Teal Swan whom I adore released an ecourse to help victims of sexual abuse.

In a short extract on her Instagram, she shared how anger was a necessary step to overcome trauma. Not being able to express anger makes it impossible to heal. For a long time, I was unable to be angry. I was sad and overcome by grief.

Being angry, without hurting myself nor others, is actually what helped me to feel at ease with what happened. We never forget but we can live despite the past circumstances. We can live without defining ourselves by our past. I define myself with the choices I make today, with how I choose to show up in the world, how I talk to people and relate to the people I love. This is what matters and what I focus on.