How to not be #bloated anymore? my 2 great secrets

How to not be #bloated anymore? my 2 great secrets

I love super activated charcoal. I take a little bit of charcoal in water almost every morning. Charcoal absorbs the intestinal bad stuff.

My second useful tip to not be bloated anymore is to use enzymes, as Dan The Man speaks so eloquently about. He has tons of videos on the subject, such as “LIFE AND DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON“.

I buy my enzymes Enzymagic on Raw Living.


Thank you Danielle Laporte #inspiration, desires and feelings

Thank you Danielle Laporte #inspiration, desires and feelings Claire Samuel

When I think of Danielle Laporte and her amazing message, I already feel relaxed. Danielle Laporte taught me to start by how I want to feel. Almost every morning, I ask myself: “How do I want to feel today and which actions can I take to lead me there?” I love how she talks about desire and feelings. She has a website and youtube channel.

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