Eating #healthy is a choice and a #commitment


Eating healthy is a choice and a commitment - Claire Samuel
Healthy organic food 🙂


My friend, my sister, I get it. Sometimes, I feel it is so difficult to go out in the freezing cold and bring back heavy groceries to the flat. I walk to the store and I have stairs to climb with a heavy trolley. However, I rejoice in such magical food. It takes times and requires an effort to eat healthy. It is a joy but also a commitment. May we congratulate ourselves for making this decision, for ourselves and for others. May we always lead by example. May we shine so bright that everybody asks us for the secret of our natural glow.


Are my children raw vegan?

Children learn through example. Even if they are not raw vegan today, my intuition tells me I am making an impact and they will reap the benefits when they are adults. They will have a free and conscious choice to make between all the various dietary lifestyles available, knowing deep down that their mother thrived and is still thriving on a raw food journey. They also watch the beautiful and generous people I love on YouTube, like Fully Raw Kristina. I am sure they are inspired because they now make their own smoothies.