Perfection? No, thank you!

Perfection? No, thank you!
Perfection? No, thank you!

A person on tik tok criticizes me for saying cacao instead of cocoa, adding that if I can’t speak English correctly, I might as well not speak English.

The perfectionism of this kind of criticism hides a great deal of anxiety and a lack of self-esteem.

I quote Marie Forleo whom I adore: “Aim for progress, not perfection”.

Why is this so important? Because perfection can spoil all areas of our life. It can prevent us from speaking a foreign language, from putting on shorts, from daring to ask for a promotion …

I teach French to foreigners by advising them all the time to speak before their French is fluent, quite simply because it is the only way to improve.

Also, when you are not perfect but you publish your creations anyway my friend my sister, you are implicitly giving permission to all other women not to be perfect either. And that is liberating.

Finally, waiting for perfection would mean waiting a lifetime.

Not being perfect is what makes us human my friend my sister.

What being sick for a month taught me

What being sick for a month taught me
What being sick for a month taught me

What happened?

I have been sick for a whole month. But this has never happened to me.

I have given birth twice without an epidural and I take cold showers. Yet this time, I was crying in pain.

What did this difficult time teach you?

Being sick for a month taught me the importance of taking extra care of myself by taking breaks.

But it’s obvious!

Of course taking breaks is the basis of a balanced life, but how many self-employed women and possibly mothers as well don’t have time to take a break?

On a pragmatic level, what does your break look like?

Sincerely my friend my sister, I sometimes force myself to stop my work and lie down while listening to a 20 minute meditation. I come away refreshed.

The lesson

Take care of yourself. Add one break per day to your calendar and honor this moment dedicated to you.