Enjoy a #pause to come back and create even more

Enjoy a #pause to come back and create even more

I went to the beach. I had nothing to do except enjoy the view and the marine air while watching over the kids. This is not natural for me. I tend to be super busy, always working and creating. However sister, the secret is to enjoy a pause once in a while. So we can create even more. Ideas generally flow when I take a break!



What is the connection between giving, creative energy and #abundance ?

What is the connection between giving, creative energy and #abundance ?

Giving from the bottom of our heart without expecting anything in return.

Giving to the people we know and who deserve it.

Giving to avoid attachment to material goods.

Giving to immerse ourselves into a pool of abundance energy.

Because true wealth lies in the creative force which makes us contribute to the world.

Because when we choose to take care of ourselves we can create and attract wealth.

To give more and to create more.


Behind anger lies #love or the depth of our children #emotions #positiveeducation

Behind anger lies #love or the depth of our children #emotions #positiveeducation

I am not a perfect mother but I really do my best. Many times I am blown away by the intelligence and depth of my children insights. My son is known to be on the angry side by his teachers and rightfully so (stuff happened). However, as they say in the Four agreements, my job is to not take things personally. Even more so when my son said to me that all he is trying to do is to help me and please me. Indeed, behind his angry mask lies the most amazing pure love of a child.

Why is it difficult to say no ? even to our #children

Why is it difficult to say no ? even to our #children

I am a recovered bulimic, a recovered codependent and a recovered people pleaser. I find it difficult to say no, even to my children because I love them so much. However, I learn, I grow, I change. It made me laugh when my daughter said once that she knew I loved her because I wasn’t always saying yes to what she was asking. No is integrity. No is saying yes to myself. As a matter of fact, saying No to my kids when I have to makes me a better mama. I find it so obvious writing it! I even say to my children that knowing when and how to say No is the most important thing.


Ditching men? Never ever!

Ditching men? Never ever!

I love men, I admire men and I respect men so much. Having had a negative experience in the form of an abusive man does not change how #divine I see #masculinity



What happens after a year of #intermittentfasting ? easy #fasting

What happens after a year of #intermittentfasting ? easy #fasting

I never thought I could fast, but I had amazing results with a few three-day fasts. However my holistic doctor introduced me to another way of incorporating fasting into everyday life. By eating one meal a day, I allow my body some space to restore itself. I used to eat all day. My body was overwhelmed and always digesting.

I do not recommend intermittent fasting to everybody because we are all different. I just want to share my experience in case you needed a little nudge to jump into this amazing way of fasting.


Why it is worth saying I am #sorry to our #children ? #positiveeducation

Why it is worth saying I am #sorry to our #children ? #positiveeducation

I am not perfect. I made mistakes. Sometimes I snap at the kids and say things I really regret.

Instead of drowning in guilt, I chose to say to my children that I was very sorry.

I do not believe children need perfect mothers. I believe they deserve our authenticity. They deserve to know that we can make mistakes so they can do to. Saying to my kids that I regretted my words was like an antidote to perfectionism, for them and for me.