Why did I choose to go and live in Tunisia Africa? #newlife

Why did I choose to go and live in Tunisia Africa? #newlife

One member of our beautiful community asked me why I decided to go and live in Tunisia, Africa.

First I love this country for a reason which is difficult to explain. I feel like the spirit of this country is running through my veins. I feel like I am 9 years old again when I am in Tunisia. The air feels familiar. The magnificent ever-present sun, the softness of the weather, the beautiful blue sky together create a magical bubble. I feel I live in paradise. I feel like I can really fulfill my mission in Tunisia. Had I stayed in Paris, I would have gotten very ill.

Second, I wanted to go and live in Portugal because it was in the European Union. However I could not find schools where classes were taught in French for my kids. On the contrary, it is easy to find French schools in Tunisia.