Why abused women do not leave? Emotional abuse versus physical abuse?

Why abused women do not leave? Emotional abuse versus physical abuse? - Claire Samuel

In some countries, a note from the doctor listing the wounds is mandatory to file a complaint against an abuser. It is evolving. Hence, violence sometimes does not leave any marks. Does that mean, as a consequence, that emotional and/or psychological abuse and violence are less than physical violence? Not so sure. Quite the contrary, because the last one cannot occur without the first one. Moreover, some think that emotional abuse is worse because, on one hand, it does not show on the victim’s body and, on the one hand, it traps the woman into an invisible prison from which it is very difficult to leave, if an exit is even possible. Such a paradox is a reason for writing my book, which I am translating into English at the moment (November 2017). If you read French, it is already published. My aim is to demonstrate that violence, in any form, can kill.