What to expect from our mind when we fast? Traumas can come back to the surface #fasting

What to expect from our mind when we fast? #fasting Traumas can come back to the surface Claire Samuel

Each time I have the chance to fast, my life took a major step forward. Faster. Like a blooming flower. I always had the feeling that two or three days of fasting, each time, made me take such a giant step towards a better and happier life. I come out of it more peaceful, with the feeling I have grown and learn. Beautiful things, opportunities and people appear in my life after a fast. Nevertheless, my friend, my sister, may we be ready to welcome the darkness, old fears and traumas we buried deep inside of us. Fasting is like a purification ritual which makes rise to the surface what we wanted to forget, so we can get free of them.

How to #fast more easily? Easy detox tips

How to #fast more easily? Easy detox tips Claire Samuel

Fasting allows the body to cleanse and regenerate itself. However, a fast does not mean your body has to go under duress. Of course, fasting with only pure water and herbal teas is highly beneficial. Nevertheless, I obtained good results by drinking liters of coconut water during some fasts. Naturally extremely sweet, coconut water, not milk, contains lots of electrolytes, which keep the body well hydrated. Moreover, I personally need some salt every day, to avoid getting low blood pressure. Therefore, I use Japanese miso paste to get enough salt. Miso is made with quality sea salt and fermented soya beans, barley or rice. Additionally, miso paste is full of probiotics, a lovely way to help our digestive system.

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Why I stopped #intermittent #fasting or one meal a day?

Why I stopped #intermittent #fasting or one meal a day? Claire Samuel

I love doing one big meal a day. It helps me gain more energy and improves my digestion. However, I refuse to do intermittent fasting when it does more harm than good. Thus, I do not fast when I have my periods. I honor this precious inward time. Moreover, if my life becomes stressful for one reason or another, I do not add another constraint by fasting when I am hungry. Many times, I am hungry just because I am tired. Lastly, I refuse to fast when my habits are reset, for instance if I am on holiday without the raw food I am used to. Then, I take care of myself by eating what I can find and taking the time I need to source organic raw food.

The best #detox tip is rest – during a detox or a fast

The best #detox tip is rest - during a detox or a fast Claire Samuel

A one-day detox, or longer, allows our body to get rid of toxins. It is both a luxury and a requirement to stay healthy. Maybe you will drink vegetable soups or green juices for a quiet day at home, to help your digestive system to rest and regenerate itself. You may even want to fast on pure water or herbal teas.

The best tip during a detox is to get plenty of rest, in our bed within a dark bedroom. Moreover, I gave up fasting during the cold winter months, to avoid shocking my body. Hence, when we stop giving food to our body, it uses all its available energy to care for the places within us that need a bit of healing. All our strength is thus gathered inside our body. This can make us feel cold or a bit weak. All of this is perfectly normal. Let’s make our detox time even more special and yummy by really getting some rest, many times during the day. May we avoid physical exercise. I love yin yin yoga during my fast. It is a super gentle practice, slow and graceful, which allows the body to stretch a bit but without hardly consuming any energy.

Starting a #detox: 3 heroes and advice

Starting a #detox: 3 heroes and advice Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister,

Make sure you read the books and watch the videos of those three amazing detox experts that I admire:

  • Victoria Boutenko,
  • Markus Rothkranz and his beautiful wife Cara, and
  • Kris Carr.

I encourage you to stay warm, plan your detox when you are not at work, drink hot herbal teas and be kind. Be gentle to yourself and take exquisite care of you during a detox.