Some #flowers do not die in winter – stay #alive

Some flowers do not die in winter - Claire Samuel

Most flowers are already dead in the crisp cold. The park is empty. The children are staying inside to play. Yet, some flowers are not dead. Some decided to hung onto life, maybe to shine even brighter. May we stay alive, my friend, my sister, no matter what happened in our past. Every breath of the crisp air is a gift. May we inhale deeply. May we stay alive. Even in the crisp cold. Blessings.

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, let me introduce you to a few Bach flower remedies which helped me. Beautiful resources to go deeper on flowers essences are available. My personal flowers are:

  • Agrimony,
  • Crab apple,
  • Elm,
  • Aspen,
  • Beech, and
  • Vervain.