How to handle #rejection ? #relationships

How to handle #rejection ? #relationships Claire Samuel

I love watching Marie Forleo videos on youtube and she has an amazing message about rejection. She explains that “Each rejection brings you closer to success” (check out her Instagram account @marieforleo). It is true that many famous writers were rejected first. I totally get it and I teach to my children every day that, in life, one should never ever give up.

Today, I wonder if the same can be applied to romantic love. I used to be unable to handle rejection. The first time a man rejected me by not being available despite his words, I tried to commit suicide. With each rejection by men, I got better. A few years ago, I thought I would die when a man I loved left the country. Nevertheless, I chose to act differently this time. I turned on an amazing yoga video by Adriene called “Yoga For a Broken Heart – Unconditional Love“. I did it crying. I did it every day for a week. I felt transformed. The pain became bearable.

Recently, I met a man and thought there was a connection between us. He said he would keep in touch with me, but he didn’t. However, I am not falling to the ground in pain. I decide to shift my perspective. I wonder if the reason he is not writing to me is that he realized that his intentions were not very healthy and that he does not want to hurt me. Because he had quite deep conversations. Once again, being rejected does not mean that there was no love, it means that the other person is not ready nor good for us at this time. I feel like blessing him. I choose to take his rejection as an act of love and protection.

How to attract #abundance while fulfilling one’s #mission in life? Job Series Ep. 2

How to attract #abundance while fulfilling one's #mission in life? Claire Samuel

Thank you God for the abundance in my life. Thank you Neale Donald Walsch for the inspiration. Thank you Markus Rothkranz for the guidance. I am documenting my way of finding abundance and fulfilment in my life. I shall keep you updated my friend, my sister. Blessings to you all.

Claire Samuel blog Conversations With God Neale Donald Walsch


How to succeed in life? Stay in #action mode not in thoughts

Claire Samuel How to succeed in life? Stay in #action mode

The secret of success is to remain in action mode, not in our thoughts, ideas and big plans. Step by step, may we act, my friend, my sister, towards our beautiful life.


What is this face mummy? #self awareness and learning from my #children

What is this face mummy? #self awareness and learning from my #children - Claire Samuel

I learn every day from my children. I love when my son asked: “What is this face mummy?”. He reminds me in a humorous way that the present moment is far more valuable than all the worries I can make dance inside my head. He reminds me that anxiety shows on the face and make the corners of my mouth fall down. I am glad for his little reminders which make me laugh and bring gratitude back into my life, gratitude for being alive, here, now.

Thank you Yoga with Adrienne and the YouTube videos to practice at home #yoga saved my life

Thank you Yoga with Adrienne and the YouTube videos to practice at home #yoga saved my life - Claire Samuel

I love Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. Every morning I practice yoga thanks to the fantastic Adrienne. I love you, thank you so much for your generosity. Your videos are fantastic and uplifting. My favorite is Yoga for digestion, not a glamour title but a healthy sequence with beautiful background music. Thank you Adrienne, you are contributing so much to my overall happiness.

Yoga is simple and can be fit into our day easily. Check out this 7-minute video (Yoga for Stress Relief – 7 minute Practice) from Adrienne. Start with this one (Intro to Yin – Yin Yoga) if you want a really chilled gentle exercise to begin with.

My eleven-year-old daughter made the origami which supports my phone thanks to this video.


Our core human need is connection – advice for single mothers who feel #lonely

Need for connection

As I was traveling alone with the kids in a foreign country (Cabo Verde), I came face to face with a core human need: connection with other humans. Far from my usual environment, I was weak.

Each day, the children and I were going to the same spot on the beach. Indeed, after a few days, we eventually found the perfect safe spot, sheltered from the wind (Cabo Verde beaches are very windy).

One morning, a single mother and her son sat next to our spot. The conversation started naturally between us. She was british and deep in reflexion about the best way to reorganise her professional life. Hence, she wanted to be present for her son, by staying at home more often, while creating a career network for women. We met again the next days.

We are human beings. Our core need is connection. My friend, my sister, I am aware than we may not be able to meet our need for connection right in this very moment. I am writing this post, alone in my flat, raising my two children without any help and single for years now. However, when we desire, above everything else, to see the beauty of the world and of people all around us, we find it. Tonight, my daughter lost her train ticket. An unknown mother bought her one. I sent a text to my daughter which read: “The world is filled with extraordinary people. You are one extraordinary daughter so you naturally attract them to you.”