I choose #choice

I choose #choice Claire Samuel


I choose to be happy. Whatever the external circumstances.
I choose to wake up early to exercise. Whenever I feel weak, I reduce the intensity of it, but I move my body anyway.
I choose to make myself a smoothie when I feel emotional pain instead of eating sugar. Before, I would have binged eat like a drug or alcohol addict.
I choose how I use my time and with whom. Before, I was unable to say no.
I choose my life and am responsible for it.

How to attract #abundance while fulfilling one’s #mission in life? Job Series Ep. 2

How to attract #abundance while fulfilling one's #mission in life? Claire Samuel

Thank you God for the abundance in my life. Thank you Neale Donald Walsch for the inspiration. Thank you Markus Rothkranz for the guidance. I am documenting my way of finding abundance and fulfilment in my life. I shall keep you updated my friend, my sister. Blessings to you all.

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Random thoughts about romantic relationships #love

Random thoughts about romantic relationships #love Claire Samuel

I am confronted to a choice: either fall into the nice arms of a kind man now, or remain on a path of purity while waiting to meet a truly available worthy man. Indeed, I could feel my heart beat faster here in Djerba, Tunisia. However, being in love with someone here cannot lead to a long-term project because we will not be in the same country. Moreover, I got the confirmation than age is of no importance. What matters if how far we are on the path of life, what experiences we had, how we gained self-awareness. Life makes us discover who we truly are when we have joy and sorrow. Life makes us become aware of our core values, of our dreams and our mission on this earth. I feel that the Tunisian man for who my heart beat much faster these past days has not truly discovered yet who he is and who he wants to become. Yet staying on the path of solitude requires effort. I choose to remain on a lonely path to attract a man with whom I can build something. I am convinced that it is the best way to happiness and a healthy loving relationship. My friend, my sister, I will keep in touch about the evolution of my situation to find out if this the aforementioned statements are true.

Finding #comfort and reassurance in our mama #moon

Finding #comfort and reassurance in our mama #moon - Claire Samuel

Sometimes I feel so lonely. The responsibility of raising kids by myself while changing career can feel overwhelming. The trick I found is to look at the moon, always there, even in daylight when if we cannot see it. Te moon is like my mother. She is watching over me.

A few years, I attended evening classes. I was tired and lonely. I was walking to the university with tears rolling down my cheeks And there she was. A bright shining moon in the dark Parisian sky. I admired its beauty.

My friend, my sister, life can get tough, but the moon is always there. What moon do you have in your life? Do you have something that you know will never go away? Where do you find comfort and reassurance?

Sadness comes and goes. Sometimes I am cycling in the rain and the tears flow. Nobody can tell because I am all wet from the rain. I accept the release of sadness in order to make space for joy.

Sending you comfort my friend, my sister.

“First comes the #joy. Then, somehow, beauty and grace appear into our lives.” – Claire Samuel

First comes the #joy - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, may we start by cultivating our inner joy and happiness. However dark and sad our current circumstances may appear, may we always be on the look out for all the little happiness sparks. Beauty and grace will then, somehow, come into our lives.