Review of the #periods #pants Fempo or thank you for such a great idea

Review of the #periods #pants Fempo or thank you for such a great idea
Since I use the Fempo periods pants, I never felt this clean during my periods. It allows me to honor this period as it shall be.

Having our periods is magnificent. The goddess in us is purifying herself and reconnecting to her inner guidance. See the review of the book Wild power I did here.

Having our periods is being part of the cycle of the Universe, of the Moon and of the intrinsic mystery of life.

Having our periods is to keep in mind that we are able to create new life, that this blood is gold, and even scientifically periods blood contains a lot of stem cells.

I bought the Trio Set at Euros 94 with two hipster pants for the day and one night Power shorty.

The fabric is extra soft and comfortable, without chemicals. I chose size 38 as my trousers size is S and it was perfect. You can choose colors but I took everything in black.

I use pants number 1 until midday then I switch to pants number 2. For the night I have the Power shorty.

I wash the periods pants by hand with cold water and olive oil Marseille soap [ERRATUM: never use soap, I did not read the instructions properly, thank God I have a smart daughter who pointed it out to me!]. Because I live in the South, the pants dry quickly under the sun.

I was totally shocked by the efficiency of the Fempo periods pants. I have to confess I have very few clothes and half of them is still in Tunisia where I have to go back to get half of my remaining stuff. Moreover, most of my clothes are white. So it is a real challenge to get my periods!

Honestly, no leaks. Even at night. No blood on my thighs. I use to have periods pads with wide sides so I was afraid but it was perfect.

During the day when we sometimes feel a lot of blood coming out at once, it is a bit worrying. I work from home so I can easily change, however it may be a bit tricky at the office. Maybe a third pair of pants would be great for the day, just to be sure we feel dry at all times.

A third pair of periods pants may also be a good investment if you suffer from heavy periods or blood clots (two things I no longer suffer from since I slowed down my work and improved my lifestyle).

I am absolutely in love with the Fempo periods pants and have only one regret: that I did not know them before!

I gave up tampons early because it is not worth to risk toxic shock syndrome. Plastic pads were disgusting to me. The Diva cup is great but not comfortable for me. I ended up using fabric out of respect for my intimacy. Cotton rather than plastic!

Thank you Fempo. Thank you my dear daughter for introducing this brand to me. Thank you also for the advertisement with women who are different from the usual Barbie doll clone. It is so fresh!

Review of the #periods #pants Fempo or thank you for such a great idea

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