#Life is not so #easy even for men

#Life is not so #easy even for men

My daddy from Africa built his house himself, every day after his work day. It took twelve years.

He takes care of his wife with care and respect. He does all the grocery shopping, takes responsibility for the garden, the house, sometimes cooking and laundry, everything…

However today he seems quite isolated in the middle of these people. His now adult sons are patronizing him while his wife makes no secret she would choose her sons over him.

He is an old man now. He spent his life working like crazy to be a respectable husband and father. So many responsibilities and not a lot of time to enjoy life.

Let’s not be fooled. Life is not difficult because we are women. I know several men around me who do their best to be “the good provider” to their wife and family, only to end up alone in their relationship, with so much weight on their shoulders and not a lot of pleasure in their life.