The 6 things I eat

The 6 things I eat

The 6 things or foods that I eat are: fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, superfoods and sardines. The way I eat is neither the best nor the worst. The 6 things I eat aren’t necessarily what are right for you. Here I am sharing an example of one way to eat to inspire you to dig, research and find what is good for you personally my friend my sister.

The recipes are of course on the blog.

How to be healthier or interview with Jenny

How to be healthier or interview with Jenny
How to be healthier or interview with Jenny

It was such a pleasure and honor to interview Jenny today my friend my sister. Her Instagram is @veggy_by_jenny.

Jenny is a mother of three and with her husband, they decided to change their lifestyle after getting informed about healthy nutrition and the dangers of food additives.

Jenny became very creative in the kitchen, to the absolute delight of her kids, while her husband is getting even better working out results thanks to living foods. She loves Mimi and Jacky from Raw Adventure – Vivre au naturel (in French) as well as Nelly Grosjean (in French).

We talked a lot about raw cacao. I buy my raw cacao nibs in 5-kilo-bags on the Raw Living store.

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store

Jenny had a question about sea water. I highly recommend the interview of René Quinton by Thierry Casasnovas (in French). I buy my sea water on the Biovie website and I invite you to subscribe to their newsletter with that link to get 5 euros off your order my friend my sister.

Why #bananas are good for us #benefits of bananas

Why #bananas are good for us #benefits of bananas Claire Samuel

When I arrived in the island of Djerba, Tunisia, I tasted the best mandarins ever. However, bananas do not grow in Djerba. For the first time in many years, I spend several days without eating any bananas. I have to admit I was quite hungry during these first days. I did not have any avocado either. After a quick trip to Houmt Souk, I came back with more than twenty delicious bananas and a generous quantity of Tunisian dates. Oh boy did it made a difference to my well-being! Suddenly, my digestion was back to normal, I had more energy and my mood lifted.

Bananas are not only absolutely delicious and sweet, but our body benefits greatly from their nutritional gems. One is lutein, an antioxidant which protect our eyes. The second is potassium, which helps magnesium to be better absorbed by the body.


What I eat in a day as a busy #raw vegan

What I eat in a day as a busy #raw vegan - Claire Samuel

After two nice green smoothies, I make an avocado and dill dip with the blender. Then, I cut slices of pumpkin and fennel, even apple, and simply dip them. If such a quick meal does not require food preparation time, I nevertheless take the time to enjoy it.