How to attract #abundance while fulfilling one’s #mission in life? Job Series Ep. 2

How to attract #abundance while fulfilling one's #mission in life? Claire Samuel

Thank you God for the abundance in my life. Thank you Neale Donald Walsch for the inspiration. Thank you Markus Rothkranz for the guidance. I am documenting my way of finding abundance and fulfilment in my life. I shall keep you updated my friend, my sister. Blessings to you all.

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Why I stopped #intermittent #fasting or one meal a day?

Why I stopped #intermittent #fasting or one meal a day? Claire Samuel

I love doing one big meal a day. It helps me gain more energy and improves my digestion. However, I refuse to do intermittent fasting when it does more harm than good. Thus, I do not fast when I have my periods. I honor this precious inward time. Moreover, if my life becomes stressful for one reason or another, I do not add another constraint by fasting when I am hungry. Many times, I am hungry just because I am tired. Lastly, I refuse to fast when my habits are reset, for instance if I am on holiday without the raw food I am used to. Then, I take care of myself by eating what I can find and taking the time I need to source organic raw food.