I love you, a beautiful book by Francesco Alberoni about #love and romantic passion

I love you, a beautiful book by Francesco Alberoni about #love and romantic passion Claire Samuel

I love how Francesco Alberoni, in his book “Je t’aime” (French edition), describes this point of non-return within loving attachment. Nothing is ever the same afterwards. This is why I am very cautious now when I feel I could fall in love with someone. I know that I cannot be true love if I hardly know the person.

Why #babywearing a #premature baby is good for her

Why #babywearing a #premature baby is good for her Claire Samuel

My second baby was born at seven months old. While I was not able to carry him close to my heart at the hospital like it is done in certain places (kangaroo care), I, nevertheless, immediately used a wrap baby carrier once I was back home. Wraps with a bit of stretch are perfect for a newborn and easy to use. Organic cotton is even better, to avoid exposing our premature baby to toxic chemicals used in fabric dyes. I used the Wrapsody baby carriers with great satisfaction.

My friend, my sister, you can start to learn how to tie a wrap baby carrier with a doll or a teddy bear. Then, it will be such a delight to feel your precious baby close to your heart. The benefits of babywearing for a premature baby are numerous. The premature baby carried in a wrap will be able to better regulate his body temperature, to feel the vocal cords of the person carrying her and, most of all, his/her heart beat.