What is the point of having this #diploma without using it?

What is the point of having this #diploma without using it?

I studied and worked very hard to obtain my lawyer diploma. It took me years before I passed the bar exam (being a single mum on top of that). However, I decided to quit the law firm after a few months to fulfill my mission and recover from a burn-out.

Does it mean that all these efforts were for nothing? I do not think so.

Everything we learn will be useful to us in one way or another.

This is why I am a big supporter of women gaining new skills. May we never stop learning.

Moreover, not working as a lawyer anymore does not mean I am not deeply passionate about law. Hence, I enjoyed very much a video about alternatives to prison. The title is “Judge Victoria Pratt on Procedural Justice: It’s Free, It Saves Lives and Can Change The World“.