What is the common trait between courting and manipulating?

What is the common trait between courting and manipulating?

Courting a woman is not manipulating of course. However, I can see a common trait: fear.

One man is courting me by trying to make me feel that I am threaten and only him can save me.

I am grateful to realize I learned my lesson. I smile at the universe winking at me like that, while expressing to this man with a soft kindness that I am not interested.

“I love you, do you believe me? This is very important” #intuition #manipulation

"I love you, do you believe me? This is very important" #intuition #manipulation Claire Samuel

The manipulator would sometimes spend dozens of minutes during the day to repeat: “Do you know I love you? You do believe me, don’t you? This is very important“. Today, I am a different person because I learned my lesson. However beautiful and convincing the words of a man, they are worthless if his actions do not match. Moreover, I expect a congruence between my own words and actions. It is a matter of integrity and authenticity. I do what I say and I say what I do. Lastly, such an effort is essential to the positive education I want to provide for my children. Acting in alignment with my words means I teach the good example to my children, while it fosters a trustful relationship between us.