Discovering my children #positive education

Discovering my children #positive education Claire Samuel

I admire Michelle Obama for many reasons. She has a natural authority when she speaks. She is so classy and intelligent. I heard an interview of her by Oprah (Conversation on the Next Generation of Women)  when she was saying her goal was to help her daughters to figure it out. I loved how she describes how she tries to be the best mother possible and what it means to her.

I explain to my kids that I am here to help them figure it out, not punish them or mould them to be and think exactly like me. I eat raw vegan but they do not. I always repeat that they are growing into adults and will make their own choices in the future. I will not be there to check on them. However I will talk with passion about what is important to me. I will say that sugar is poison to me. I will say that meat and dairy are not part of a sustainable future for me. It is my position. They can choose to eat junk food if they want to try it out. My hope if that they will keep in a part of their brain that my best advice to them is to invest in health by eating fruits and veggies.

I love to witness how their questions challenge me. A dear friend told me when I got pregnant that children are a mirror. I cannot agree more. I aim to be authentic with my children. Of course I cannot talk to them like I would do with an adult. But they reflect me and I cannot hide. This is a good thing. It forces me to remain humble and have compassion. There is a book very well titled “Raising our children, raising ourselves” by Naomi Aldort.

Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves: Transforming parent-child relationships from reaction and struggle to freedom, power and joy

Another good one is “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

how to talk so kids will listen

I learned so much about me, about the world, thanks to my children. I am in awe of them. They are my secret and my strength. Nobody could know I was a single mother of two when applying for that selective law masters I enrolled in. Nobody could know when I did my internships either, because I had to work a lot and there is a lot of prejudice about mothers, let alone single ones, in the workplace.