I will not make the same mistake again #loverelationships

24 septembre Je ne referai th

I was in a weird mood, not totally depressed but not very enthusiastic either.

The result? I looked at my feet when I walked, head down all day long, trying to avoid life.

Twice it happened to me: I had around me a great man but I could not see him.

Because of this f****** sadness which sticks to my bones sometimes. Also because of work which tends to invade my life as a single mother, with already so much time for myself.

It pains me to say this but the truth is, I had no time available for the man I loved. I did not take the time to look at him, while he was there.

Of course, when I got it time became of the essence and I fell head over heels for him. But it was too late. The relationship becomes impossible.

One question remains: why waste all this time? Why did I not see him while he was there?

Now I am crying over my lost love but I decide to never again keep my head down when I walk.

I want my eyes wide open for the beauty surrounding me.

I want to move forward with confidence, knowing there is a great man around me who will love me, which I will be able to love, which will not leave for the other side of the world, nor me.