“Keep shining, you have a bright future ahead of you” #open-mind and open-heart

"Keep shining, you have a bright future ahead of you" #motivation Claire Samuel


You are the most sensational, happy and brilliant person I got the chance to meet.

I know it is not easy to always stay that positive, but know that this good energy shines from you and inspires all of us.

Thank you for this inspiration, thank you for your authenticity.

Keep shining, you have a bright future ahead of you.

All the best dear,


This message has been written by an angel I got the chance to work with for a few months. Then, he went back to Lebanon. I loved him, but his heart was still bleeding from a recent heartbreak so he was unavailable.

However, how can I be sad when such angelic words were written to me? How could I not share with the world and help my sisters out there?

He was the first person I told about the rape. I have a whole chapter about him in my book.

Le noeud de la spirale

“You are looking for a respectful man” – a snow-white haired man read my thoughts

"You are looking for a respectful man" - a snow-white haired man read my thoughts Claire Samuel

Life has got humor. Life makes us meet people when we least expect it. I had a conversation with a snow-white man, a short, intense, unique and unexpected chat. As I say in my book, I have so much admiration for men, including if they are younger than me. It was the only point where I was in disagreement with him. I met 25-year-old men who were so intelligent and taught me lots about life and destiny.

Path, purpose, passion Series: I was lied to! Following our own path – episode 1

Path, purpose, passion Series: I was lied to! Following our own path - episode 1 - Claire Samuel

I feel I was lied to. I desperately tried to become a pretty doll surrounded by material possessions, only to end in poverty and abused. Today, I follow my own path. I love minimalism and sharing with women to help them rebuild their lives.

Had I waited five more minutes #perseverence

Had I waited five more minutes #perseverance - Claire Samuel

This photo was taken by my dear friend, while I was busy writing letters to submit several applications to law masters degree courses. I was thirty-five years old, having gone back to university to finish what I started more than ten years ago.

Thus, at twenty years old, I suddenly quit university during my second year of law. Convinced that I was unworthy and having no self-confidence whatsoever, I became a personal assistant instead.

My friend, my sister, sometimes it is worth to wait five minutes more before quitting. Perseverance can modify our life path for the better. The price to pay is temporary discomfort.

“First comes the #joy. Then, somehow, beauty and grace appear into our lives.” – Claire Samuel

First comes the #joy - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, may we start by cultivating our inner joy and happiness. However dark and sad our current circumstances may appear, may we always be on the look out for all the little happiness sparks. Beauty and grace will then, somehow, come into our lives.

My secret #productivity tip to avoid sacrificing exercise for study

My secret #productivity tip to avoid sacrificing exercise for study - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, are you going back to university? are you determined to improve your current situation by going deep on personal development, rather than movies or fiction novels (even temporarily)? are you hungry for success, for productivity, for climbing higher in your life?

If you rebuild your life after trauma/abuse, you need to listen to audio books or online courses.

However, exercising is essential to enjoy a good functioning brain. The solution is simple: listen what you have to listen to become the best version of yourself (distance courses/classes, motivating audio books and podcasts), while you are exercising, whether at home, at the gym or outside if you go for a run (use your headphones on your mobile). Personally, I do yoga at home, in front of youtube videos, which I put on mute. While I am exercising on the mat, I listen to other videos, about motivation, being a writer and developping a youtube channel. I have been using this productivity secret for many years now, it helped me tremendously and, at the end of the day, I am proud of myself.


Age does not matter anymore – welcome to the new world

Age does not matter anymore - welcome to the new world - Claire Samuel

Let go of age. Whatever our age, it doesn’t matter anymore. I learn from my children every day. I improved my life thanks to boys and girls of twenty-three years old when I was thirty-five. Today, the world belongs to flexible and open-minded people. I learn so much listening to young entrepreneurs, while admiring the wisdom of senior citizens. The era of separating people according to their age is over. It made place for a hunger to learn and equality, both between sexes and ages.