To take advantage of life but not people or the consequences of lies beyond moral judgement

To take advantage of life but not people or the consequences of lies beyond moral judgement

I am the first to say to people I love: “Enjoy! Make the most of it!

Make the most out of this delicious meal, this beautiful moment, this success or life as a whole.

Nevertheless, as I explain to my French students, the French verb “profiter” or making the most out of something has another meaning: taking advantage of someone or a situation.

I met a landlord, a very kind and generous man. However, his rents his properties only in the summer, leaving them empty 9 months of the year. Why? To avoid tenants who don’t pay and cannot be evicted.

Some chose to take advantage of the French law which is very protective for tenants. The consequence is the impossibility for many people in France to rent anything.

If this police officer does not believe me when I list the reasons why I need a Protective Order, this is because some people in famous legal cases lied to police officers notably to get revenge from their ex. The consequence? Each day women are murdered by their ex partner.

Beyond morality, beyond any judgement, beyond values, taking advantage of people or of anything brings consequences. Action then consequence.

I choose my own law and set of rules as the philosopher Emmanuel Kant would say. The reason? I want to be crystal clear on the consequences of my actions on myself and others, those I know and those I don’t know.

Responsibility. Plain and simple.