Taking advantage of lonely women tourists #manipulation #mindset and intrinsic value of human beings

Taking advantage of lonely women tourists, manipulation, mindset and intrinsic value of human beings Claire Samuel

Life is not divided between black and white. Each manipulator needs a victim because they actually embody a similar vibe. Choosing the wrong path is one thing. However, the power to choose again is one of the best prerogatives of human beings. Our intrinsic value cannot ever be diminished. It belongs to all of us humans. The biggest obstacle is the one which our own mind imposes on us.

Lots of reflexion for a common issue: a very handsome young man taking advantage of a tourist woman, robbing her of her goods by getting access to her heart first.

In this video, I mention a great book called The belly of the Atlantic by Fatou Diome.

The Belly of the Atlantic by Fatou Diome