“They will have a good laugh when they see you” #perseverence #abuse

"They will have a good laugh when they see you" #different - Claire Samuel

They will laugh at you so hard when they see you, all alone with two kids in tow!” Maybe people will laugh. However, I laughed with joy when I became a lawyer, all alone with my two children.


Had I waited five more minutes #perseverence

Had I waited five more minutes #perseverance - Claire Samuel

This photo was taken by my dear friend, while I was busy writing letters to submit several applications to law masters degree courses. I was thirty-five years old, having gone back to university to finish what I started more than ten years ago.

Thus, at twenty years old, I suddenly quit university during my second year of law. Convinced that I was unworthy and having no self-confidence whatsoever, I became a personal assistant instead.

My friend, my sister, sometimes it is worth to wait five minutes more before quitting. Perseverance can modify our life path for the better. The price to pay is temporary discomfort.