How to #fast more easily? Easy detox tips

How to #fast more easily? Easy detox tips Claire Samuel

Fasting allows the body to cleanse and regenerate itself. However, a fast does not mean your body has to go under duress. Of course, fasting with only pure water and herbal teas is highly beneficial. Nevertheless, I obtained good results by drinking liters of coconut water during some fasts. Naturally extremely sweet, coconut water, not milk, contains lots of electrolytes, which keep the body well hydrated. Moreover, I personally need some salt every day, to avoid getting low blood pressure. Therefore, I use Japanese miso paste to get enough salt. Miso is made with quality sea salt and fermented soya beans, barley or rice. Additionally, miso paste is full of probiotics, a lovely way to help our digestive system.

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Why a good quality blend of greens, #probiotics and enzymes is powerful for us first thing in the morning

Why a good quality blend of greens, probiotics and enzymes is powerful for us first thing in the morning - Claire Samuel

My morning routine starts with a big glass of water and a spoon of Raw Reserve blend which comes from Raw Living. It is a fantastic mix of herbs, plants, seaweed, probiotics and enzymes. To soften the taste, I reward myself with a nice generous spoon of coconut yoghurt afterwards. Then, I enjoy my daily yoga session. Afterwards, I serve you to the best of my abilities, recording videos for my youtube channel “Claire Samuel in English”, for this blog and I take care of all the required editing.

How to make cultured vegetables fast and easy? Fermented squash for my daughter

How to make cultured vegetables fast and easy? Fermented squash for my daughter

My friend, my sister, I recently discovered how to make fermented or cultured vegetables at home and I love it so much. Full of beneficial probiotics, fermented vegetables protect our intestine and strengthen us from the inside. I was very surprised my daughter loved it so much! I did fermented vegetables with various kind of squash and with rainbow carrots, always taking photos for my Instagram. A little secret for you: make sure you add pieces of ginger, garlic and a bit of rosemary at the bottom of the jar in which the vegetables will ferment. Enjoy and may we take care of ourselves because it is the best way to be able to take care of others as well.