Why did I gained #weight? – Weight loss Series Ep. 5

Why did I gained #weight? - Weight loss Series Ep. 5

I love tackling the root cause of any issue I encounter. As regard to weight gain, I have the feeling that I got heavier as I had to deal with too many things at the same time and by myself.

When I was a teenager, I gained a massive amount of weight because I felt isolated, rejected and simply hated by other girls. Becoming fat was a protection.

Once we have identified the reason we gained the weight, we can heal ourselves. Only after this first necessary step can we tackle the physical.

I feel we really need to feel lighter in our mind and heart before our body can also become lighter my friend my sister.




“Keep shining, you have a bright future ahead of you” #open-mind and open-heart

"Keep shining, you have a bright future ahead of you" #motivation Claire Samuel


You are the most sensational, happy and brilliant person I got the chance to meet.

I know it is not easy to always stay that positive, but know that this good energy shines from you and inspires all of us.

Thank you for this inspiration, thank you for your authenticity.

Keep shining, you have a bright future ahead of you.

All the best dear,


This message has been written by an angel I got the chance to work with for a few months. Then, he went back to Lebanon. I loved him, but his heart was still bleeding from a recent heartbreak so he was unavailable.

However, how can I be sad when such angelic words were written to me? How could I not share with the world and help my sisters out there?

He was the first person I told about the rape. I have a whole chapter about him in my book.

Le noeud de la spirale

I love you, a beautiful book by Francesco Alberoni about #love and romantic passion

I love you, a beautiful book by Francesco Alberoni about #love and romantic passion Claire Samuel

I love how Francesco Alberoni, in his book “Je t’aime” (French edition), describes this point of non-return within loving attachment. Nothing is ever the same afterwards. This is why I am very cautious now when I feel I could fall in love with someone. I know that I cannot be true love if I hardly know the person.

How to handle #rejection ? #relationships

How to handle #rejection ? #relationships Claire Samuel

I love watching Marie Forleo videos on youtube and she has an amazing message about rejection. She explains that “Each rejection brings you closer to success” (check out her Instagram account @marieforleo). It is true that many famous writers were rejected first. I totally get it and I teach to my children every day that, in life, one should never ever give up.

Today, I wonder if the same can be applied to romantic love. I used to be unable to handle rejection. The first time a man rejected me by not being available despite his words, I tried to commit suicide. With each rejection by men, I got better. A few years ago, I thought I would die when a man I loved left the country. Nevertheless, I chose to act differently this time. I turned on an amazing yoga video by Adriene called “Yoga For a Broken Heart – Unconditional Love“. I did it crying. I did it every day for a week. I felt transformed. The pain became bearable.

Recently, I met a man and thought there was a connection between us. He said he would keep in touch with me, but he didn’t. However, I am not falling to the ground in pain. I decide to shift my perspective. I wonder if the reason he is not writing to me is that he realized that his intentions were not very healthy and that he does not want to hurt me. Because he had quite deep conversations. Once again, being rejected does not mean that there was no love, it means that the other person is not ready nor good for us at this time. I feel like blessing him. I choose to take his rejection as an act of love and protection.

As if nothing happened or the secret weapon of #manipulators #denial #abuse

As if nothing happened or the secret weapon of #manipulators #denial #abuse Claire Samuel

The deadly weapon of narcissistic men and abusers of all kind is denial. They attack when we least expect it, they hurt and damage us. Then, when it is so hurtful we stand in stupor in front of them, they deny reality. Pure denial. What happened did not happen and affirming it has means we are crazy. The perpetrator with whom I lived also used a variation of denial which is minimization. If I had the courage to speak against his violent behavior, he would call me a hysterical woman. Once again and as always, my friend, my sister, may we trust our intuition.

There is four people instead of two within a relationship: lessons from the #book The mastery of love

There is four people instead of two within a relationship: lessons from the #book The mastery of love - Claire Samuel

May we stop trying to be the woman we thing our man wants. May we start being ourselves instead. May we be only two in a relationship, not four. To authenticity. To integrity. To love.

The mastery of love, A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship: A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz is an amazing book that I read several times.

Thank you Byron Katie #book review “I need your love – is that true?”

Thank you Byron Katie #book review "I need your love - is that true?" - Claire Samuel

I love Byron Katie so much. I cherish her book “I Need Your Love – Is That True? : How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead“.

Her technique, called The Work, is explained on her website.

I also used the book “Tiger-Tiger is it True?: Four Questions to Make You Smile Again” to introduce my children to questioning their thoughts.