“This is the only thing I can do” #motivation

"This is the only thing I can do" #motivation Claire Samuel

She was forty and owned as many pairs of designer shoes. However, she was not fulfilled by her life. I was working in a law firm as junior lawyer and she was a senior one. She confided in me that she hated this job, which rendered her aggressive and brutal. Indeed, it was the impression she gave me when I worked with her. However, she meant so much more to me. When I sat for interviews before I was recruited, she was so warm-hearted. She had been touched by my situation, a single mother of two who went back to university to get a lawyer’s degree.

A few days before I quit this law firm, I entered her office, which she shared with a trainee, and admired the beautiful photographs on the wall. I inquired about these and she replied that they were photos she took herself. They were really stunning.

A few days afterwards, we were chatting about the profession and she affirmed: “Being a finance lawyer is the only thing I can do, I’m no good at anything else“.

When she left to another law firm, I wrote her a note saying: “You are far more powerful than you think you are“.

“They will have a good laugh when they see you” #perseverence #abuse

"They will have a good laugh when they see you" #different - Claire Samuel

They will laugh at you so hard when they see you, all alone with two kids in tow!” Maybe people will laugh. However, I laughed with joy when I became a lawyer, all alone with my two children.


Review of #DjerbaExplore the #crocodile farm in Djerba, Tunisia

Claire Samuel Review of #DjerbaExplore the #crocodile farm in Djerba, Tunisia

If you travel to Djerba in Tunisia, I highly recommend a visit to DjerbaExplore, the crocodile park. The children loved it.

Protecting our #wealth #abundance

Protecting our #wealth #abundance Claire Samuel

I want my children to avoid the poverty mindset. I want them to live in abundance. I do my best to make them understand that I cannot and do not want to buy everything they fancy. I explain to them that as a single mother, I belong to the most economically fragile people. I want them to realize how lucky they are, to have a roof over their head and something to eat every day. Traveling is very helpful to show them that some children are less fortunate than them, while others are much wealthier.

I want to place the gratitude mindset at the heart of their education. I teach them that being grateful for what we have today brings even more of what we currently have. Complaining and comparing ourselves to others does not bring any good.
On a practical level, if we are in a store when I cannot buy the thing they want, I tell them that I refuse “to protect our wealth”, not because I cannot afford it. It is only a change of vocabulary. However, I am convinced that using positive terms is very helpful.

Moreover, I want them to have a good education about financial matters. Money is not a taboo subject. Having money and being financially savvy are ways to become financially independent, and to help even more people around us. I show them the excel spreadsheet I use whenever I spend or I get money. I give ten euros to my daughter since her tenth birthday. The aim is for her to learn how to manage a budget. The goal of being a financially independent person is very important for me because it was not my case for a long time. When I was trapped into an abusive relationship, I wanted desperately to leave. However, I thought I would end up in the streets, unable to meet the needs of my baby daughter by myself. Therefore, I remained in an abusive relationship which damaged me a lot. Nevertheless, being homeless in the street with my baby was just a thought. I chose to believe such thought. Such a thought led me to despair and a lot of pain. Today, I learned my lesson. I do not believe my thoughts when they relate to lack. I focus on abundance. I focus on working as best as possible to be able to live from what I create.

Can I go back to university at 30 years old? Three tips from my doing it as a single mother

Can I go back to university at 30 years old? Three tips from my doing it as a single mother - Claire Samuel

This video highlights my three best tips to go back to college at thirty years old. Of course it is possible my friend, my sister. I did it as a single mother. I went back to university at 33 years old. At almost 37, I got my diploma as a lawyer.

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, let me introduce you to a few Bach flower remedies which helped me. Beautiful resources to go deeper on flowers essences are available. My personal flowers are:

  • Agrimony,
  • Crab apple,
  • Elm,
  • Aspen,
  • Beech, and
  • Vervain.

Where to stay in Lisbon, Portugal, with children? Is a hostel safe for a single mum?

Lisbon with children

I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, by myself with two children, aged 7 and 10 years old. We spent an amazing week at a hostel called “Sunset Destination Hostel“. Families can enjoy private rooms. The kitchen is spacious and a large fridge is provided for the residents. All the rooms have air conditioning and heating. The amazing swimming pool on the roof patio, offers a view of Lisbon and its sunsets. Breakfast is plentiful and we were offered hand-made pancakes. Bathrooms are shared but they are very clean; cleaning being carried out many times during the day.

We paid 60 euros for three beds in a pretty room. The hostel is just above the tube station called Cais do Sodre, which is at about 30 minutes from the airport if you take the tube. I loved the supermarket located at the exit of the tube station: it is full of fresh and ripe fruits. I took green melon, which is sold already cut into pieces.

We also tried the hotel Residencial Terminus, paying 100 euros for the three of us. It is quite old and I had the feeling of being back in the 80s. It was an out of time experience 😉 However, it is very difficult to locate when walking from the airport (Terminal 1).

The Tryp hotel, situated at the exit of the airport terminal, is a far better choice for a single mother with kids, and maybe luggage. It is accessible by foot and we paid 130 euros for the children and myself.

We visited the beautiful city of Lisbon and spent half a day in the commercial centre next to Oriente tube station. I was happy to enjoy green juices and raw vegan salads there.

Let’s connect very soon for new adventures,



Travel to Cabo Verde as single mother with the kids

Cabo Verde with children.jpg

My friend, my sister,

You can be a single mother and enjoy beautiful holiday. I went to the Isle of Sal in Cabo Verde, alone with the two children. We took a flight from Paris to Lisbon, then from Lisbon to Sal. The flight with Tap Portugal was comfortable.

I rented a flat, using Gesturim. It was 600 euros and 50 euros for water and electricity.

Being in the centre of Santa Maria was fantastic. Not only were we close to the mini markets, but we could buy fresh fruits every day in the street and had access by foot to the most beautiful beaches.

Cabo Verde can be quite windy sometimes. This is why you can see on the video a bar surrounded by transparent shields.

We went to a Fish spa with the kids. They loved it.

Please be careful if you buy the local gooseberry jam as we found pits in them.

I do recommend checking out the recycled objects shop. There were amazing gifts there and even paintings. I bought a dress for my daughter with bits of African fabric on the hem. There were beautiful objects everywhere, made from plastic bottles or cans.

Some people do shark fishing in Cabo Verde. Santa Maria is growing fast.

We did a fun thing on the last day with a jet ski. It is called Jumbo Dog.

I am happy to answer any question you have about travelling to Cabo Verde alone with your children.