To know oneself by being single or in a relationship? #positivecouple

To know oneself by being single or in a relationship? #positivecouple

It feels empowering to find good things in being single!

I have not been in a romantic relationship for many years.

I am now happy about it because it really help in getting to know myself.

However, I read an interesting post on Instagram recently by Teal Swan: @tealspiritualcatalyst. It was about the importance of relationships and how they are a central part of our life.

I wonder if I shall meet someone one day. I also wonder if being in a romantic relationship was also a very nice way to discover more about ourselves.

In both situations, gaining knowledge by observing how our self behaves in life is so valuable. It is a way of becoming who we can be. The best version.

Teal Swan is the author of the book The Completion Process: The Practice of Putting Yourself Back Together Again