To travel or to run from something? To widen our comfort zone or to develop roots somewhere?

To travel or to run from something? To widen our comfort zone or to develop roots somewhere? Claire Samuel

I am reflecting on travel. I am aware of my capacity to adjust and adapt. For some weird reason, I find myself at home very rapidly in many places abroad. I do not feel attached to my country of birth.

Yet I lost of bit of my desire to travel to as many countries as possible. I find myself willing to grow some kind of roots somewhere peaceful. This is new.

One of my friends sees travel as running from something. I disagree. Travel opens our mind. Thanks to traveling abroad, I found myself. However, to travel and to live abroad is slightly different. I shall keep you updated about this as I prepare to move abroad for the second time in my life.


Review of #DjerbaExplore the #crocodile farm in Djerba, Tunisia

Claire Samuel Review of #DjerbaExplore the #crocodile farm in Djerba, Tunisia

If you travel to Djerba in Tunisia, I highly recommend a visit to DjerbaExplore, the crocodile park. The children loved it.

My 5 best tips to stay raw vegan on the plane

Eating raw vegan on the plane

Five great tips and one healthy body:

  1. Cucumbers with a bit of sea salt in a bag: eat the cucumbers whole, adding a bit of salt as desired
  2. Avocados with a table spoon to cut them in half: not pretty but effective
  3. Lettuce leaves or nori sheets to make rolls with, with bits of cucumber and avocados (cuts into large chunks with the table spoon)
  4. Sweet trail mix with raw and and pine nuts, goji berries, grated coconut and whatever dry addition you fancy
  5. Several bananas which will be added at the end to your cabin luggage.

Travel to Cabo Verde as single mother with the kids

Cabo Verde with children.jpg

My friend, my sister,

You can be a single mother and enjoy beautiful holiday. I went to the Isle of Sal in Cabo Verde, alone with the two children. We took a flight from Paris to Lisbon, then from Lisbon to Sal. The flight with Tap Portugal was comfortable.

I rented a flat, using Gesturim. It was 600 euros and 50 euros for water and electricity.

Being in the centre of Santa Maria was fantastic. Not only were we close to the mini markets, but we could buy fresh fruits every day in the street and had access by foot to the most beautiful beaches.

Cabo Verde can be quite windy sometimes. This is why you can see on the video a bar surrounded by transparent shields.

We went to a Fish spa with the kids. They loved it.

Please be careful if you buy the local gooseberry jam as we found pits in them.

I do recommend checking out the recycled objects shop. There were amazing gifts there and even paintings. I bought a dress for my daughter with bits of African fabric on the hem. There were beautiful objects everywhere, made from plastic bottles or cans.

Some people do shark fishing in Cabo Verde. Santa Maria is growing fast.

We did a fun thing on the last day with a jet ski. It is called Jumbo Dog.

I am happy to answer any question you have about travelling to Cabo Verde alone with your children.