What happens after a year of guided #meditation? music and five senses

What happens after a year of guided #meditation? music and five senses

I started a daily meditation practice thanks to guided meditations recorded by the French psychiatrist Christophe Andre (“Méditer jour après jour“).

Additionally, I absolutely love Teal Swan’s guided meditation entitled “Spirit Guide Meditation by Teal Swan“.

Nevertheless, I recently discovered what pure meditation was, with only sounds to guide me. In that regard, I appreciate very much the video “STRESS RELIEVING DEEP RELAXATION NATURE SOUNDS MUSIC | 7.83 HZ SCHUMANN RESONANCE, ISOCHRONIC TONE“.

I focus on the sensations from my five senses, on my body, on my heart.

There is no hierarchy between the various types of meditation practices. What matters my friend my sister is to find the right one for you at this very moment.