“This is the only thing I can do” #motivation

"This is the only thing I can do" #motivation Claire Samuel

She was forty and owned as many pairs of designer shoes. However, she was not fulfilled by her life. I was working in a law firm as junior lawyer and she was a senior one. She confided in me that she hated this job, which rendered her aggressive and brutal. Indeed, it was the impression she gave me when I worked with her. However, she meant so much more to me. When I sat for interviews before I was recruited, she was so warm-hearted. She had been touched by my situation, a single mother of two who went back to university to get a lawyer’s degree.

A few days before I quit this law firm, I entered her office, which she shared with a trainee, and admired the beautiful photographs on the wall. I inquired about these and she replied that they were photos she took herself. They were really stunning.

A few days afterwards, we were chatting about the profession and she affirmed: “Being a finance lawyer is the only thing I can do, I’m no good at anything else“.

When she left to another law firm, I wrote her a note saying: “You are far more powerful than you think you are“.

Why do I give advice and share experience with #women only? #support

Why do I give advice and share experience with women only? Claire Samuel

A nice man kindly asked me the question on my YouTube channel Claire Samuel in English. I must admit that since I started sharing, I made the decision to offer resources and inspiration to women only. The reason is simple: I feel more useful by focusing on women only. However, I am aware that men need help too. Moreover, I am cutting my audience in half by choosing to ignore half of the population. Nevertheless, I felt in my heart a deep need for support, help and experience sharing between women only. My desire is to stay very far from competition between women, in order to reach a place where we share together, where we get stronger together and where each one of use can shine her unique and beautiful light. Consequently, I choose integrity and my deep intuition by assuming my choice. I have so much respect and admiration for men. I strive to become the best version of the woman I am while wishing joy, happiness and success to all of us, men and women. To you who kindly asked the question, thank you.

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, let me introduce you to a few Bach flower remedies which helped me. Beautiful resources to go deeper on flowers essences are available. My personal flowers are:

  • Agrimony,
  • Crab apple,
  • Elm,
  • Aspen,
  • Beech, and
  • Vervain.

#book review about domestic #violence “Power and Control: Why Charming Men Can Make Dangerous Lovers” by Sandra Horley

#book review about domestice #violence "Power and Control: Why Charming Men Can Make Dangerous Lovers" by Sandra Horley - Claire Samuel

I was recommended the book “Power and Control: Why Charming Men Can Make Dangerous Lovers“, by Sandra Horley, when I was granted a place in a refuge with my children. I am following-up of my post “Why abused women do not leave?” with this brilliant book. Written by a woman who knows what she is talking about, it helps everyone to understand the complexity of domestic abuse.

Why Maya Angelou is such an inspiration for us, my friends, my sisters

Why Maya Angelou is such an inspiration for us, my friends, my sisters

Still I rise“. Maya Angelou is like a mother to me. I highly recommend her books to any woman who wants to feel empowered and inspired. I read “Even the Stars Look Lonesome” many times and it always rings so true. Thank you Maya Angelou. Rest in peace. You are a mother for us all.

Where to stay in Lisbon, Portugal, with children? Is a hostel safe for a single mum?

Lisbon with children

I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal, by myself with two children, aged 7 and 10 years old. We spent an amazing week at a hostel called “Sunset Destination Hostel“. Families can enjoy private rooms. The kitchen is spacious and a large fridge is provided for the residents. All the rooms have air conditioning and heating. The amazing swimming pool on the roof patio, offers a view of Lisbon and its sunsets. Breakfast is plentiful and we were offered hand-made pancakes. Bathrooms are shared but they are very clean; cleaning being carried out many times during the day.

We paid 60 euros for three beds in a pretty room. The hostel is just above the tube station called Cais do Sodre, which is at about 30 minutes from the airport if you take the tube. I loved the supermarket located at the exit of the tube station: it is full of fresh and ripe fruits. I took green melon, which is sold already cut into pieces.

We also tried the hotel Residencial Terminus, paying 100 euros for the three of us. It is quite old and I had the feeling of being back in the 80s. It was an out of time experience 😉 However, it is very difficult to locate when walking from the airport (Terminal 1).

The Tryp hotel, situated at the exit of the airport terminal, is a far better choice for a single mother with kids, and maybe luggage. It is accessible by foot and we paid 130 euros for the children and myself.

We visited the beautiful city of Lisbon and spent half a day in the commercial centre next to Oriente tube station. I was happy to enjoy green juices and raw vegan salads there.

Let’s connect very soon for new adventures,